2021.12.27 Online Snack Yokocho, which began with support for snacks during the corona crisis, holds a "Thank you for 1,000 reviews campaign"

Online Snack Yokocho, which began with support for snacks in the corona wreck, held a “Thank you campaign for 1,000 reviews”
A lot of touching stories between customers and Snack Mama! Reviews reveal how customers enjoy online snacks
"Online Snack Yokocho" operated by Online Snack Yokocho Bunka Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Mayuko Igarashi, Representative) started from supporting snacks that were difficult to sell in May last year. Overseas snacks such as and 61 snack stores all over the country are members. By the end of November, the number of sales exceeded 10,000, and on Friday, December 24, the number of reviews from customers who used this service exceeded 1,000. In commemoration of this, we would like to inform you that we will hold a “Thank you for 1,000 reviews campaign” from December 27, 2021 (Monday).
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How do customers enjoy online snacks, unraveled from 1,000 reviews?

After 1 year and 7 months, “Online Snack Yokocho” has received over 1,000 reviews from customers who have used the online snack as of Friday, December 24th. Many valuable reviews are full of new ways to enjoy and inspiring episodes unique to online.
“For me, a country boy, Ginza is just another dream”

"I participated in a collaboration with a hostess in Ginza. As a country girl, I was very nervous because Ginza was a dream come true, but she was very friendly and we had a fun conversation." Customers also came to the store and had a lot of fun drinking in crazy English!” “This was my first time drinking online. I was also surprised that I could drink with my senses.It was fresh and I thought I could try anything.I think this was also made possible by my mom's fun and friendly response.It's my first time. 's online snack was good here.^o^"
Impressive face-to-face with mom at a real store triggered by an online encounter!

"Actually, I went to a 'real shop' the other day, and my mom was as beautiful as online (even more), and she was cool." So, even though it was my first time at the store, I was able to enjoy it without feeling out of place.I will continue to use both online and offline.It's wonderful to see my mom doing her best."

Morning and afternoon snacks, a wide range of people such as housewives and overseas residents can enjoy a fleeting moment

"A morning snack that can be said to be the only time to take a break from raising children and housework. In everyday life where it is difficult to interact with people due to the corona crisis, conversation with Minotake is a relaxing time." It was a very fun hour with my beautiful mom.We were able to drink, travel and talk about various things.It's open at lunch time in Japan, so it's very convenient from a place with a time difference.Also, I'll definitely visit you online.Corona When it's all over, I'd like to visit the store in person."

The first snack experience with online snacks! Women and beginners are regular customers

“I was interested in snacks, but I felt that the hurdle was too high for a single woman to actually eat snacks. Even so, I was happy to be able to go online and go to snacks.” With this online snack, women can easily participate and talk to each other, so it's fun!In addition, you can go to snacks far away, so it's fun to participate in local snacks that you couldn't go home due to COVID-19 and listen to the local language. It was the best!
I want the snack culture to spread! Overview of the Thank You Campaign for 1,000 Reviews

In commemoration of exceeding 1,000 valuable reviews posted by everyone, all online snack tickets will be 20% off for 4 days from December 27th (Monday) to 30th (Thursday). increase. Select the snack you want to go to and enter the coupon code "RP1000" at the time of payment to apply the discount. We hope that this campaign will create new encounters between customers and snack moms, and that the snack culture will be lively regardless of whether it is online or offline. Please take this opportunity to use “Online Snack Yokocho” at a great price.

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Overview of “Online Snack Yokocho” and how to enjoy it

“Online Snack Yokocho” was launched on May 14, 2020 as a new support measure for many snacks that were in trouble after the first emergency declaration, and it aims to support snack moms and masters and users. As an online connection service, more than 60 snacks that operate snacks all over Japan and around the world, such as Indonesia and the United States, are members. While avoiding person-to-person contact, which is a measure to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it is a place for snacks to meet new customers, and for users to enjoy conversations with moms and masters at home. I can.

<How to enjoy> ① Select your favorite snack from the snacks lined up on the online snack alley site. Enter the page ②Browse the description and photos of the shop, and purchase the admission ticket from the convenient date and time. ③ On the day of the event, you can enter the designated snack with one click from the URL of the purchased online ticket.

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