[Recommended snacks in Yamagata] Wouldn't you like to hear your mother's Yamagata dialect?

Yamagata Sagae is located in the center of Yamagata and is known as the only production area of ​​cherries in the prefecture. It's also a downtown area, with many tempting snacks to choose from.

However, there are many worries that you don't know which snack to choose. So, how about getting to know your mom at Online Snack Yokocho first?

If you connect with a snack mom who actually operates in Yamagata Sagae, you will not only be able to enjoy a snack while staying at home, but you may also be able to hear local information unique to the area and information about delicious shops! After an hour, you'll be a regular snacker. When you visit Sagae on a trip or business trip, you can open the door of snacks with peace of mind♪

This time, we would like to introduce one snack shop in Sagae, Yamagata.

Lounge Gorgeous

Ami Mama, who runs Lounge Hanabi, opened this snack to fulfill her dream of "having her own store in her 20s and contributing to the local community."

At the actual store, we mainly serve Yamagata's local sake, and we will serve you with seasonal limited sake and delicious local sake.

Even while talking with Ami Mama, the real Yamagata dialect of Mama explodes! Just listening to Mama's cute dialect makes me feel like I've traveled♪

Love consultation, life consultation, mom's Yamagata talk, etc... Mom will liven up the conversation.

If you go to the actual shop after using online snacks, you might say "I'm home~" without thinking about the cozy atmosphere. !

Take a look at Lounge Gorgeous

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