[Video message from 〇〇 valve mom Experience local snacks while staying at home]

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, requests to shorten business hours have started again, and mothers across the country are now in a difficult situation.

Under these circumstances, mothers are struggling to connect with customers nationwide by adopting a new style of online snacks.

Ladies and gentlemen, why don't you drink, chat, and support moms at Online Snack Yokocho?

With online snacks, you can enjoy local snacks from the comfort of your own home.

This time, we have received PR messages from mothers of snack bars in Sagae City, Yamagata Prefecture!

Ladies and gentlemen, how many of your mother's Yamagata dialect can you hear~?

"Lounge Hanabi" is a very cozy snack that you can go home with "I'm home~".

Experienced moms such as studying abroad, marriage, divorce, etc. will also take life consultations.

It is a snack that can be easily enjoyed by both singles and women.

Please enjoy chatting with mothers who speak Yamagata dialect.
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