[Popular shops BEST 3] Find your favorite snacks from the weekly access ranking!

Aren't you feeling tired and stressed because you can't go anywhere in STAY HOME in addition to the intense heat? I'm scared of getting infected with Corona, but I want to go out for a drink once in a while! Beer is good for summer fatigue.

In such a case, how about "Online Snack Yokocho"? You can enjoy drinking with your mom and friends without worrying about secrets.

Today, we will introduce the Weekly Access Ranking 【BEST 3 Popular Shops】. Even if you are a first-timer, you can enjoy yourself with peace of mind because the professional mothers who serve customers will assist you well.

[3rd place] Shemale Mama's shop "Asakusa Rose"

Rei-chan's mom who understands the feelings of a man and a woman who became a new half from a foreign-affiliated company's office worker . They will listen to a wide range of questions , from romance to business and life advice.

There are many female customers, and it is a snack that even beginners can enjoy with peace of mind.

If you are lucky, you might be able to hear Mama playing the flute.

We have received feedback from customers such as, "She was a very good listener because she was excited about talking about music and played the flute," and "I enjoyed her frank talk and good vibes! "

[Second place] Tonight at Milky Way... On a starry night with you "Milky Way"

"Nice to meet you all! My name is Yayoi. I've worked at the club for 8 years and wished to have my own shop. increase.
May you continue to meet many wonderful customers in the future ...
We'll be waiting for your visit sincerely. ”

Snacks with 100% customer satisfaction.

" She 's really kind and beautiful." We have been able to do it."

[1st place] Miyazaki Nishitachi's popular shop "Snack SUN"

At SUN's online snacks, Mama Akiko and one more beautiful staff always serve. It is especially recommended for those who feel nervous alone. Very popular with beginners!

"We have received a request to close a restaurant in Miyazaki. (7/30) Mom and staff are very shocked. I don't want to lose to Corona. \(+×+)/Online snacks are for us. He is the kind of person who accepts me and tells me that it is okay to continue doing this job. Let's have a good time together. Online snacks are really fun (^^) I'll be waiting for you."

We received feedback from customers such as, " Good talk, good atmosphere, good beauty, and outstanding fun!" I'm here.

With online snacks, you can enjoy drinking at home without worrying about crowds. Please feel free to stop by.

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