"Lunch snack" where you can enjoy snacks at noon

When you think of snacks, don't you have an image of after-party or late-night business?

No, no! Snacks these days are a little different. It offers a new style and is gaining popularity from a new layer.

As a distraction for housewives and mothers who are raising children, why not take a break with a "daytime snack" during a telework break?

Today, I would like to introduce two new and hidden snacks that you can enjoy for lunch.

Snack Megumi

Megumi is full of curiosity and always takes on new challenges.

In addition to being a snack mom, she has a face as a career coach and community manager, and is active in many fields.

Such a Megumi is a super elite graduate of Kyoto University! In my private life, I am also the mother of a 3-year-old child.

Because Megumi Mama is such a Megumi, you can definitely talk about anything, not only chatting, but also romance consultation, career consultation, and child-rearing worries.

Customers say that they were able to talk about various things, it was fun, and the time flew by.

It is also characterized by many mothers with children visiting because it is open for lunch.

Please feel free to stop by.


A master of "customer service craftsmen" who has been involved in a wide range of customer service from bartenders to izakayas and high-end restaurants.

We listen, listen, and listen to our customers.

Since we are only open during the daytime, we are waiting for you in the hope that this will be a place where you can find yourself in your busy schedule.

Please feel free to talk to us about anything, including life after raising children, small business start-ups, side jobs, child education, health consultations, cooking and sweets, alcohol and herbal teas, and more.

Based on her experience, she also gives advice on how to make homemade dishes, sweets, and drinks delicious with a little trick ♪

Please feel free to stop by.

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