[Nagasaki Sasebo] Cheerful Miki Aims to Be a Place Where Everyone Smiles

Nagasaki When you think of Sasebo, do you think of Huis Ten Bosch or Kujukushima, where you can see magnificent nature? In addition to the seafood caught in the waters near Nagasaki, the Sasebo burger is a must-try gourmet dish.

As you walk through the night streets of Sasebo, you will find not only izakayas and bars, but also many attractive snacks.

In an unfamiliar land, it can be hard to decide which snack to choose. First of all, how about getting to know your mom at Online Snack Yokocho?

If you connect with Nagasaki Sasebo's snack moms through online snacks, you can not only enjoy snacks at home, but also hear local information unique to your hometown and information about delicious restaurants! After an hour, you'll be a regular snacker.

When you visit Sasebo on a trip or business trip, you can open the door of snacks with confidence♪

This time, we would like to introduce one snack shop in Sasebo.

Nagasaki Inac (Countryside Snack) "Sunakku Tsubaki"

She is a very positive thinking and bright Miki Mama.

After experiencing setbacks, failures, and frustrating events, he says that he realized the importance and greatness of "spending with a smile."

Aiming to be "a place where everyone smiles", we are working hard on online snacks without losing to Corona! I'll be waiting~♪

The dialect is also charming. She works in the beauty industry, and she says that anything related to beauty, frank talk, dirty jokes, and anything else is OK!

Even first- timers have received favorable feedback, saying, "I was a little nervous, but my mother's power made me open up and talk happily! I'm full of energy!"

Please feel free to stop by at Online Snack Yokocho.

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