[Tokyo Ikebukuro] Life consultation, adultery consultation, romance consultation, anything is OK! Women-friendly snacks

Ikebukuro, Tokyo, is symbolized by the Sunshine 60 skyscraper. A variety of shops are lined up as a trendy town. In recent years, it is also known as a city of anime and manga. Dotted with anime shops, you may see cosplay fans gathering here.

One of the characteristics of Ikebukuro is that there are many restaurants. At night, the streets are lit up with bright neon lights, and izakayas are full of bars and tempting snacks.

However, among the many snacks available, you may be wondering which snack to choose. First of all, how about getting to know your mom at Online Snack Yokocho?

If you connect with Ikebukuro's snack moms through online snacks, you can not only enjoy snacks at home, but you may also be able to hear local information unique to your hometown and information about delicious restaurants! After an hour, you'll be a regular snacker.

When you visit Ikebukuro on a trip or business trip, you can open the door to snacks without worrying.

This time, I would like to introduce one snack shop in Ikebukuro.

"Snack Sora"

"Snack Sora" located in downtown Ikebukuro

It is a very homely atmosphere where even a single woman can enter with peace of mind.

Madoka Mama used to be a tsundere "S" character (you can't imagine it from the photo!), but now she's become a "soothing mama" who has become a gentle and cuddly character. is ♪

She used to be a kindergarten teacher and is still a babysitter.

With strict confidentiality, life consultation, adultery consultation, romance consultation, anything is OK!

Madoka Mama's specialty is mimicking songs!

Crayon Shin-chan and Mariko Takahashi, please make a request! !

A fan of Eikichi Yazawa, Ei-chan also sings and dances!

Let's enjoy drinking with healing Madoma Mama and heal your fatigue ♪

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