[Osaka's Popular Snack Special] The Kansai dialect mom is waiting for you~♪

Osaka is one of Japan's central cities. There are a wide range of places to see, such as the Minami area, which is bustling with many people, such as the Glico signboard and Dotonbori, which you often see on TV, the Kita area, which includes Umeda and Kitashinchi, which are undergoing redevelopment, and the Fujiidera temple, where you can feel the atmosphere of history. !

This time, we will introduce recommended snacks in Osaka!
Let's get along with mom online and go to the real store to play ✨

"Karaoke Snack Komomo" (Osaka Fujiidera)

“Karaoke Snack Komomo” is located in Fujiidera City, Osaka Prefecture, where the “Mozu-Furuichi Burial Mounds” is registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site.

Mom's hobby is golf. The best score is 114, and it seems that it goes back and forth between 120 and 130. My current goal is to reach a score of around 100 as soon as possible and go on a two-day, one-night golf trip.

At the shop, mainly male customers in their 20s to 40s who admire Tomoko's mother gather, enjoying conversation and karaoke.

Please try to experience the sense of security and calming atmosphere of a mother who is a good listener, even online!

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PASHA (Osaka Kita)

"PASHA" in Osaka Kita is a transsexual snack led by Lunamama.

Many people have the image that "transsexual shops" are lively and fun, but they can't talk much. It is a shop that serves customers.

Let's have a blast with Luna Mama, who can talk with any customer with a wealth of topics unique to shemales!

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