Damage caused by Typhoon No. 10 Let's support snacks in Kyushu!

The damage caused by Typhoon No. 10, which is extremely large, is spreading throughout Kyushu and other areas.

Everyone in Kyushu, are you okay?

Last night, I think you had an uneasy night with a fierce rain and wind.

I hope that those who are staying at the shelter can return home safely as soon as possible, and that the power outage will be restored soon.

Typhoons, novel coronavirus, heat, and other challenges come one after another, but let's not give up and keep moving forward.

Kyushu snacks are open today as well.

At “Online Snack Yokocho”, we are waiting for everyone to “Drink at online snacks and cheer us on!”

Today, I will introduce three recommended snacks from Kyushu.

[Recommended Snacks in Kyushu ①]

Relax and unwind at Fukuoka's snack "salon de M"

It is a snack that even one person can enjoy with peace of mind.

A super beautiful mom is hospitality.

It is soothing and easy to talk to.

How about asking a mom who has a lot of life experience who has lived a turbulent life to talk about romance, work worries, hobbies, etc.?

We will be open tonight as well.

Click here for details about the restaurant, including reservations.

[Recommended Snacks in Kyushu ②]

Inak (Country Snack) Tsubaki in Nagasaki

Inac is a country snack in Sasebo♪

It's okay to talk frankly or dirty jokes, Miki Mama is energetic and powerful and wants you to talk about anything casually!

My hobbies are traveling, sleeping, and above all, creating places where everyone can smile.

The other day, it seems that a customer from Hokkaido visited us because of an online snack! !

As expected of Miki Mama's power!

We are open today from 5pm.

Click here for details about the restaurant, including reservations.

[Recommended Snacks in Kyushu ③]

Miyazaki's super popular shop "Snack SUN"

It is a very popular store that competes for 12th even in "Online Snack Yokocho".

At “Online Snack Yokocho”, Akiko Mama and a female staff member will serve you in groups of two or more. I think that even beginners can enjoy it without being nervous.

Especially recommended for those who are new to "online drinking party" and "snack" for the first time!

The atmosphere of the shop is very bright, and it is a popular snack with many repeat customers.

*We are closed today.

Click here for details of the shop, including reservations for tomorrow and later.

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