[1 week access ranking] Maybe you can find your favorite place?

Yesterday, Governor Koike of Tokyo made an announcement.

As the number of people infected with the new coronavirus is on the decline in Tokyo, next Tuesday, the request to shorten the business hours required of restaurants will be lifted.

For snack management, it is a great blessing to be able to extend the business hours.

However, I think it will be a long time before the number of customers who have decreased due to the influence of the new coronavirus will return to the store as before.

I hope that the day when customers can go to snacks will come as soon as possible without worrying about anything.

Would you like to enjoy a snack online now?

Please find a snack that you really want to visit.

It's hard to see what's going on inside the door (and that's part of the fun), but with online snacks, you'll be able to know the atmosphere and price of the snacks in advance, so it might be easier to find snacks that suit you. I can't.

Today, I will introduce the access ranking for one week (August 31st to September 7th). Please try to reference.

[ Weekly access ranking]

[1st Place] BAR Shimizu , the first purely Japanese-style snack in Moscow history

It was also introduced on TV Asahi's popular program "Tamori Club".

The conversation between Tamori-san and Emiko's mother, who is a natural, made me feel warm. I just want to drink.

Returned to Japan on August 21, 2021. I am resuming my life in Tokyo.

Click here for details of "BAR Shimizu" shop

[Second place] Tonight at Milky Way... On a starry night with you "Milky Way"

It is one of the most popular shops in "Online Snack Yokocho".

Many customers are fascinated by Yayoi Mama's warm atmosphere.

He listens kindly and has a very high repeat rate.

There is no actual store, and it is currently a premium snack that can only be enjoyed at “Online Snack Yokocho”.

Click here for details of the "Milky Way" shop

[3rd place] Relaxing Fukuoka snack "salon de M"

It is a recommended snack for beginners, as it is safe and quiet even for one person.

A beautiful mother who speaks Hakata dialect welcomes you.

(Google) I'm a natural mom who calls Chrome "cho-me" lol

It's very charming, and once you go there, you'll definitely be hooked.

Click here for details of the "slon de M" shop

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