Thank you for participating in the "Adult Romance Dialogue Snack"!

hello! Online Snack Yokocho Secretariat Maron in charge of public relations. Today, 8/21 (Sat), "Manager Watanabe's Special Snacks" produced by Watanabe, the manager of Yokocho specialty store, was held!

The first one is the “Romance Dialogue Snack,” a collaboration between Sasebo ANCHOR CLUB and Kinshicho Nagomi BAR Moris! On that day, I, Maron, went undercover. In this article, we will introduce the state of the event, so whether you were able to participate or not, please take a look and have a good laugh.

\ What is a “good woman” that a man in his 40s talks about /

As a definition of a "good woman", three things were given: (1) atmosphere and gestures, (2) clothing, and (3) personality.

■Seki-chan is the owner of "Nagomi BAR Moris" in Kinshicho, Tokyo. He also runs a fresh fish wholesale business as a side business.

・Single ・Popular all year round ・Experienced with 5 crotches ・Have iron plate popular method ・Favorite type of woman is "Yuki Nae"
(From HP introduction)

■We paid 10,000,000 yen for the technical fee. It is the second year as manager of "ANCHOR CLUB" in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture. A serious person who is a former civil servant.

・Single ・Little love experience ・The type who thinks too much and misses opportunities ・The technical fee is over 10 million ・Favorite female type is "Michiko Kichise"

(From HP introduction)


"Conditions of a good woman " chosen by two people

①Atmosphere and gestures

First of all, the two of us have a common opinion that the gesture of brushing the smooth long hair is irresistible.
Another is “a woman with a strong eye”. I'm attracted to women who always have sparkling eyes. I feel like I understand that.
Finally, it would be great if you could lend me your hand cream when it's dry! ! ! I'll fall in love with you! ! That was Nishi-yan's opinion, but neither Seki-chan nor the audience agreed with it~ (laughs)

② Clothes

The masters were delighted with the upper body, see-through lower body, frilly mini skirt, and high heels, but the audience had a lot of BAD buttons (^0^;)
It's hard to tell what it looks like...! ! !
By the way, it seems that I want you to wear chemise indoors. (Do you understand Chemise? w)

③ Personality

Straight out, the way you speak is beautiful and feminine!
Seki-chan likes "princess", and Nishi-yan likes "good old Yamato Nadeshiko".
This one has an equal jumble of GOOD and BAD buttons.
do you support do not do?

\Announcement of results~✨/

by the number of buttons in the participants
I judged the "good woman" that two people think!

Not supported! ! ! !

disappointing! !

\Past love story

The GOOD button on the five crotches in the story of their love story!
And as expected, Nishi-yan has a BAD button...

\Romance Counseling Room/

Two serious answers to love consultations received in advance!
"How to silence a sexually harassing old man "
"Reasons why men go to sex clubs"
Etc., solve women's troubles?!

The Q&A corner was a lot of fun because the participants responded with chat and stamps! Due to lack of time, the remainder was carried over to the second meeting.

The fun time ended in a blink of an eye, and before I knew it, it was time to end the event. Eh early! !

\The camera off was just right/

The camera is off so you can feel free to participate!
Participating in chat is fun

It was my first time participating in a camera-off conversation, so I was wondering how it would be,
It was easy and just right to participate!
Personally, I really liked the feeling of being a part of it, even though I was lying around and drinking.
Manager, please plan more!

\Event video will be released

There are rumors that the whole picture will be revealed on YouTube soon.

Rumors only.
Once decided, we will inform you on SNS including HP!

\ Look forward to the September project

Snack planned by store manager Watanabe

Snack planned by store manager Watanabe
Interesting project that changes every month

Stay tuned for the plans for September!
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