Recommended for first-timers "Choi drinking 30 minutes snack" store introduction

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"I don't know which snack to choose!"
"Suddenly 60 minutes is a bit..."
"I want to talk with various moms little by little!"
On this page, we will introduce shops where you can drink for 30 minutes. Why don't you experience the shops you care about?

\ List of eligible snacks /

30 minutes 2200 yen

[Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture ]

30 minutes 2500 yen *Limited to the first time

[Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture]

30 minutes ¥2000

[Ikebukuro, Tokyo]
Snack Sora

30 minutes ¥2000

[Shinjuku, Tokyo]

30 minutes 2000 yen *Limited to the first time
[Shimbashi, Tokyo]
House Hazuki

30 minutes 1,500 yen *Share seats with other customers

[Amami, Kagoshima Prefecture]
30 minutes 2200 yen

[Osaka Fujiidera]

30 minutes 1000 yen

[Tokyo Roppongi]
Otimbori Bar Lounge

30 minutes 2500 yen *Limited to the first time
【new zealand】
In addition, this room

30 minutes ¥2000

[Nagasaki Nagasaki]
night butterfly
30 minutes 2000 yen *Share seats with other customers

[Hokkaido Sapporo]

30 minutes ¥2000

[Iwate Miyako City]

30 minutes ¥2000

30 minutes ¥3500

Bar Haru
30 minutes ¥2500

[Kyoto Kyoto]

30 minutes ¥2500
As long as you have a Wi-Fi environment, your room will be transformed into a snack!
This week's event-filled online snack alley, which snack will you choose?

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