New sensation! NY Aquihito's [Peeping Snack] *This plan has ended

A new plan has appeared in March 2021 from Aquihito, which is very popular as an overseas snack.

Its name is "Nozoki Snack"! ! ! ! !
"Nosok" for short

It is a naming plan that is very worrisome, but what kind of content is it?

“Cheers!” A local regular customer greets me casually. When I served a Japanese-style drink, the other side said it was a more Japanese-style bottle (laughs)

Until now, this shop has been doing online business on a one-to-one basis between moms and customers.
However, this "Nozoki Snack" connects during store business,

”See how local customers enjoy drinking”

something like.
What kind of fun will it be?

For online customers, a PC is placed so that the entire store can be seen. The image is so beautiful that you don't feel the distance, and you feel as if you were there.

You can enjoy the "Nozoki Snack" for 1,500 yen for 30 minutes.
If you enjoy sake while looking at the shop where English is spoken, you will feel as if you are visiting the local area. In addition, sometimes mothers and customers will talk to you, and you can feel the thrill of jumping into an overseas bar alone.

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■ Impressions of customers who actually experienced
“Everyone was cheerful and kind, and it was really fun because I felt like I went to a bar in America! It was great. I wished I could speak English.

An overseas experience with zero travel time and zero transportation costs can only be achieved online.
It's like a dream to see snacks in real time about 10,000 kilometers away!
The event is irregular and starts at 12:00 noon Japan time.
Please select a date and time when "12:00-13:00" is displayed from the HP calendar and purchase a ticket for "1500 yen for 1500 yen for 30 minutes." Tickets will be sold until 10:00 on the day.

■ Message from Akito Mama
“I came up with this idea because I wondered if I could make the most of the amazing platform of Online Snack Yokocho.

With our new customer service, we hope to create new connections with people and provide interesting things that suit the new era.
If you can speak English with an American, you can practice English, and if you can speak with a Japanese living in the United States, you might be able to get the latest information about New York.
Please try Nozoku once! ! ”

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*Peeping snacks are held irregularly. The event will be held from 12:00 to 12:30 on days marked "12:00 to 13:00" on the calendar on the website.

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