Thank you for participating in the online snack ladder

Thank you for participating in Hashigozake - Summer Festival ✧*. ٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧*.

hello. This is the secretariat watanabe.
Today, I would like to introduce the event "Hashigozake -Summer Festival-" held on August 8th.

It was a fun night filled with the smiles of the gorgeous snack moms and the smiles of many customers.
If you couldn't participate unfortunately, please take a look at this and feel like you participated together ♪

<Online summer festival challenged by 16 snack moms nationwide>

In the summer of 2021, restaurants were even more hit due to the spread of the worst new virus infection nationwide.
In such a way, I want to cheer up Japan with a smile! The snack moms who stood up held an event online.
Well, what is the online summer festival that mom challenged?
We will introduce the situation of the day with the commentary of Watanabe, the manager of Online Snack Yokocho.

<18:50, finally to the venue...>

The dedicated HP guided to the purchaser will switch at 18:50, and the door to each snack will appear.
If you press the mom's photo or the words "Enter", the video system will automatically start up.

After entering the shop you care about, just have a fun chat.
Since you can come and go freely, you can instantly warp and climb ladders from Iwate to Kagoshima for ¥0, which is unique to online.
Manager Watanabe also visited each store and enjoyed online snacks.

There may or may not have been such a scary snack...

<Pay attention to mom's outfit! >

The highlight of the bar-hopping-summer festival this time is the “mama costume” .
Each of them gathered in elaborate attire.
It was fun just to see the different appearance of moms.
Which mama's outfit do you like?


Quoted from Yokocho official Twitter .

<Get a bargain ticket with the keyword rally>

In the keyword rally that was held at the same time, I think that many people got a good ticket by listening to the secret words from their mother.
Please use this ticket when you make your next online snack reservation.

Here's how to use your ticket:

■Mama's drink ticket・・・Please show the ticket screen to your mother when you come to the store. (If you enter the room with a smartphone, please let us know in advance that you would like to use it on LINE)

■Free 10-minute extension ticket: Show the ticket screen to your mom when you come to the store. (If you enter the room with a smartphone, please let us know in advance that you would like to use it on LINE)

■500 Yen Discount Coupon・・・If you enter the coupon code when making a reservation and apply the discount, you will get 500 Yen off your bill. Please confirm the amount before making the payment.

■1,000 yen discount coupon・・・If you enter the coupon code when making a reservation and apply the discount, you will get 1,000 yen off your bill. Please confirm the amount before making the payment.

Tickets are valid for one use per person until September 8, 2021.
Also, please note that tickets can only be used at snack bars participating in Hashigozake -Summer Festival-.

<Although the banquet is at its peak...>

There are 180 minutes! I thought it was a bar-hopping-summer festival-, but the fun times go by in a blink of an eye.
It was so much fun that I ended up emptying a bottle of wine (!), but somehow I feel like drinking a little more...
It seems that there were many customers who had the same idea, and there were a few voices saying, "Can I have a little more?"

For times like this, most of the participating snack shops offer after-parties. Customers who want to drink more move to the after-party venue.
The store manager Watanabe was also invited by a customer, and we went to the second bottle of wine at the after-party without any problems. (I haven't had this much in a long time!)


< Thank you for your review! >

We received reviews from customers who participated in Hashigozake -Summer Festival-!
Thank you. I'm happy.
It's frustrating that I can't tell you how much motivation is going up in the customer's voice.

This is the second time I participated in the bar-hopping event. I couldn't go back to my hometown because I was still refraining from going out, so I stayed at a local shop for a long time again this time (laughs). I live long in I look forward to the next time. thank you very much!

I really liked the appearance of the yukata. Please tell us another fun story.

This kind of project is unique to online snacks, so I think it's very good. I'm glad I was able to show up at a store I hadn't been to for a while. Please do it again.

"Mariko's Room" was so much fun that the time flew by. The kindness of the people who were with me touched my heart, and I was immersed in the afterglow for a while. It was my first time to participate in bar-hopping, but it was very good.

■It was fun! I will attend the event again. I'm really happy to know various shops

We are still looking for reviews.
There is a "Write a review" button at the bottom of the page of Hashigozake -Summer Festival- , so please post from there.

We will take your feedback into consideration for our next event.

<Until we meet again...>

As a secretariat who usually works behind the scenes, it was a valuable experience to be able to drink and enjoy snacks with many customers this time.
We had a lot of fun talking about various topics such as gourmet, romance, diet, hobbies, people with light footwork and people with heavy backs, etc.
Unfortunately, the Hashigozake -Summer Festival- has ended, but the secretariat is starting to prepare for the next event.

What you can do online.
Things you can only do online.

We will use online to come up with more and more fun projects with snack moms all over Japan and around the world, so please continue to support Online Snack Yokocho.
Thank you for calling me through to the end.

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