Have a drink from noon♪ Snacks open on Sundays!

Sorry I made you wait!

It was not likely to be in "Online Snack Yokocho" which boasts 50 member stores

lunch snack

has opened from May 2021!

Snack Hitofusa

2-21-262B Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
1 minute walk from the southwest exit of the Odakyu line
60 minutes from 3,000 yen

Online sales will be conducted from the store, but since it is exclusively for online customers, customers at physical stores will not enter. (as of May 2021)

Cute Saki Mama, dressed in a casual kimono, will take care of you!

Hmm, there is no option for that! (smile)

Sunday afternoon.
Quickly clean up the housework in the morning and relax in the afternoon.
Enter the store with a cold canned beer in one hand and click. Ah, the deliciousness of the beer you drink from noon. Cheerful mom & cheerful patrons and carefree moments.
Good luck for the week, myself.

It's the end of the night shift.
I want to go home after a few drinks, but in this day and age, drinking outside doesn't give me a sense of liberation .
On a day like this, why don't you go shopping and enjoy an online snack at home?
Cheerful mama & cheerful regular customers and an open drinking time.
While saying that I'll be out after drinking this, I can't help but extend today as well...?

Have lunch with Mama Saki who loves to eat♪

It is open from 13:00 to 23:00, so you can enjoy snacks that suit your lifestyle.
As it is a restaurant specializing in shared seating, it is always lively.
Depending on the time of day, you may even be one-on-one with your mother.

[Saki Mama]
Likes: Cats/fashion/ sewing/classical ballet/Mika Nakashima (15 years of fan history!)/90s idols/anime (I especially like KyoAni)/Yuko Higuchi

Mom type → likes to listen

Click here for details and reservations for "Snack Ichibou"

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