1/20-2/10 [Great Thanksgiving] Celebration! 10000 sold! ※It has ended

Are you all enjoying online snacks?
Oh my God! The number of tickets sold at Online Snack Yokocho has exceeded 10,000!
In commemoration of this, we will have a [Great Thanksgiving]!

\Big Thanksgiving 1/20~2/10/

■ For customers

"10000 yen cashback"
We will present a gift card worth 10,000 yen to one person by lottery from among customers who used it between January 20th and February 10th. The more times you use it, the more likely you are to win!

[Campaign details] Every time you make a reservation for the Online Snack Yokocho service during the target period, you will be entered into the campaign. One lucky winner will receive a 10,000 yen Online Snack Yokocho gift card. Gift cards can be used for online snack reservations and optional menus in Online Snack Yokocho. (Expiration date: Until Thursday, March 31, 2022)

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2. For stores

"New Member Benefits / Snack Support Campaign"
If you join between January 20th and February 10th, the initial cost will be reduced from 10,000 yen to 7,000 yen! ! Furthermore, OPEN is possible in as little as 5 days! !
You can create a web page that can also be used as a physical store HP for this amount of money!

[Campaign Details] During the target period, snack stores that are newly registered as members of Online Snack Yokocho will receive a 30% discount on the initial cost . In addition, we will provide free early support that can open in as little as 5 days, so that we can quickly support difficult business situations due to the application of measures to prevent the spread of corona infection nationwide.

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We are looking forward to your participation!

・ What is Online Snack Yokocho, where snacks from all over the world join?

"Online Snack Yokocho", which has 62 stores including foreign snacks from all over the country from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, as well as foreign snacks from New York and Bali, allows snack moms to serve customers online from home or remote locations. We provide services. You can choose a partner based on various information, such as cheerful mothers, good listeners, and masters with various backgrounds.In addition to enjoying conversation, there are various menus such as events planned with unique ideas for each snack. increase.

Online Snack Yokocho is easy to use! Please refer to the usage below!
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