Oita Prefecture [New store] Is it like a luxury club? What is an “adult snack” where ladies and gentlemen gather?

Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture, a city where you can feel the history.

It prospered as the castle town of Nakatsu Castle, which was built by Kanbei Kuroda.
Today, Nakatsu is known nationwide as the town of fried chicken.

Nakatsu is a city where you can enjoy history, culture, scenery, and soul food. Actually, the city is lively at night.

From such Nakatsu city, a new snack has opened in "Online Snack Yokocho".

Relaxed adult space "Top Lady"

Top Lady is a snack bar located in Miyajima-cho, a bar district in Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture.
Miyajima-cho has more bars than its population in western Japan, making it one of the top-ranked towns in terms of ratio! In the area around the shop, there are not only restaurants but also many snacks, and there are a wide variety of shops that cater to a wide range of ages, from young mothers to veteran mothers.

Mama, who runs this snack bar, uses her "personal observation skills", which is recognized by both herself and others, to serve customers and creates a multi-purpose time that suits her customers.
In addition, taking advantage of the qualification of a psychological counselor, there are times when it comes to various consultations.

At online snacks, as well as at physical stores, we try to serve customers according to their needs so that customers can have a good time and smile.
If you receive the services of Mama Izumi, who has a history of being a club mom, your home will quickly turn into a luxury club!
Once you've experienced top lady online snacks, you'll understand why they're called "grown-up snacks."
Would you like to spend some adult time with Izumi Mama tonight?

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