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"Shibuya" is a district that constantly leads the forefront of fashion and culture trends in Tokyo. It is known as the epicenter for understanding the current youth culture trends in Tokyo. Visiting Shibuya allows you to grasp the current trends in Japan and experience the contemporary vibe of the country firsthand.


How to get there

So many train lines converge on Shibuya Station above and below ground, it's easy to get lost. Follow the color-coded signs and allow extra time for transfers. Look out for exits marked “Hachiko” to reach the main scramble crossing. Many Narita Express services stop at Shibuya, making it a convenient access point from the airport.

From Shinjuku Station: Take the Yamanote Line Travel time: About 6 minutes.
From Tokyo Station:  Take the Yamanote Line Travel time: About 23 minutes.

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・Scramble Crossing
・Shibuya Yokocho
・Drinker’s Alley
・Japanese food(snack)
・Welcome to our tour


◆Scramble Crossing 

The Scramble Crossing in front of Shibuya Station is one of Tokyo's iconic landmarks. With each signal change, a surge of people and the high-volume display of numerous digital signage screens create a distinctive scene that epitomizes Shibuya.The Scramble Crossing sees as many as 3,000 people crossing at once during peak times.

Shibuya Yokocho

 Spanning a length of 100 meters, Shibuya Yokocho is a place where you can enjoy both soulful food and entertainment from all over Japan. Overflowing with not only delicious drinks and meals but also various charms and attractions.

If you go to Shibuya Yokocho, you can enjoy soulful foods from all over Japan.Shibuya Yokocho is a charming area that completely reproduces the retro atmosphere of the traditional Japanese culture of yokocho, reminiscent of the good old days.


◆Drinker's Alley

"The Nonbei Yokocho (alley)" is located in the center of this Shibuya.
There are crammed with various Japanese-style bars called "Izakaya" around the retro alleys, making us feel Showa era.


◆Japanese food(snack)

You'll find every kind of cuisine here and the area looks best at night when the vertical signs glow in different colors.


"Tapioca tea" is a popular Japanese beverage featuring sweet milk tea with tapioca pearls.


・Melonpan ice cream

"Melonpan ice cream" is a Japanese dessert featuring melon-flavored sweet bread with a scoop of ice cream inside.



Ichigoame Long

"Ichigoame Long" is a Japanese candy made from candied strawberries, typically in the form of a long strip or stick.


"Kushiyaki" is Japanese skewered and grilled food, including meat, vegetables, or seafood.


◆Enjoy Japanese pub crawl in Tokyo with us!◆

We take you to Japanese local night life. Snack is Japanese local pubs."Yokocho" is "alley" or "shopping lane". It’s located in retro street. You can feel Japan life with us. Let's enjoy Japanese night!!

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We introduce Uncharted Spot around Tokyo on Instagram!!



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