Bar ATAOKA(東京 亀戸)

Kameido's No. 1 fucking store "Bar ATAOKA"

*Information will be announced on LINE when our store reopens online!

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Even though it's a "shit store", isn't it shit? ?

"Bar ATAOKA" is located on the second floor of a building with various shops in an alley away from the main street of Kameido's drinking district in Koto-ku, Tokyo.

With a ratio of 7 males to 3 females, the shop is visited by a wide range of age groups, and even offers all-you-can-drink craft beer and tequila (if you want to feel "Ataoka", please drink a lot. is!).

The highball poured from a large barrel is also recommended. Customers are pouring and drinking, saying, "I want to pour myself!" There is even a server for "Jägermeister", a recently popular liquor called "Germany's Yomeishu" (it comes out cold, so you can enjoy it deliciously).

Starting with the "super jack of all trades" mom, the shop's cast members are all unique people, so you may be surprised at first, but if you have a tolerance for it, it's a very enjoyable shop.

If you react to the store name "Ataoka", you have no choice but to go!

The person in charge of online snacks is the friend of a lowly (?) employee. A self-proclaimed "pig in sheep's clothing" who worked as a hairdresser, ran a nail shop, and worked at various restaurants! (When serving customers, wearing a mask is the default!)

My friend's favorite is the Takarazuka theater. He is in charge of the Star Troupe, and his single favorite is Ryoho Shinkaze, the top star of the Sora Troupe. I'm also good at sewing, making accessories and cosplay costumes, and at events I wear my own costumes to work!

Your online store is just as unique as your physical store! If you react to the name of the shop "Ataoka", you have no choice but to go!

〈A word from the store〉

I'm your friend in charge of online snacks (not the store mom)!

I want to have a great time chatting and drinking with customers from all over the country! I want to talk about hobbies, food, music, dramas, and anything else you want to talk about together!
You may be feeling lonely that you can't go out for a drink because the sunfish has started, but would you like to drink online with your friends at Ataoka in the atmosphere of the shop? We look forward to it!

【store information】

Address: Kameido 2nd Mihama Building 202, 2-26-5 Kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Phone number: 03-5858-9317
Business hours: 20 o'clock - last

Twitter (store official): @AtaokaBar
Twitter (friend): @ataokaotomo

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