New MADOKA(埼玉 入間)

Snack "Pub Snack New MADOKA" bustling with customers

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Mikimama and young girls are a snack bar that is full of customers.

Located in Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture, "Pub Snack New MADOKA" is a 15-minute walk from Iruma-shi Station, on a bustling street with nearly 30 snack bars and izakayas lined up from the entrance to the exit of the street .

Mama has experience working at snack bars, cabaret clubs, and restaurants, but she also worked as a truck driver , dental assistant, and photographer during the day .

My hobby is fishing! Sometimes I go with my clients.
Regulars often get excited with bargaining and karaoke battles between mothers and customers.

You can also nominate from multiple staff!

Currently, I am the mother of Pub Snack New MADOKA, one of the two snack bars operated by the owner.

<For customers>

I listen to anything from love consultation, but first I listen to the content that suits the person (complaints, consultations, worries), and from there I can answer and talk from my experience and knowledge .

In addition, we will refuse slander, nuisance, video shooting, abusive language, and adult remarks to other customers and staff.

【store information】

Address: 5-3-27 Toyooka, Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture
Access: 10-15 minutes walk from Irumashi Station
TEL: 04-2964-7965
Opening hours: 21:00-2:00 (closed on Mondays and Thursdays)


*This information may differ from the latest information. Please note.

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