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1 to 1 60 minutes 3,000 yen (with mom's toast drink)
Free 60 minutes (shared with other customers) 2,600 yen (with mom's toast drink)
Group charter 60 minutes 7,800 yen
(Up to 3 people, with mama's toast drink)

*Ticket reservations close 30 minutes before each start time.

Before purchasing the following admission tickets, you need to have a meeting with your mother. After confirming that the lamp on the bottom right button is green, please press the button and be sure to contact mom in advance from the chat.

Admission ticket (1 to 1, 60 minutes) 3,000 yen
*Before purchasing this ticket, please be sure to contact Mama in advance by pressing the button on the bottom right.


Treat mom to a drink 1,000 yen Extend 30 minutes 1,500 yen Extend 60 minutes 2,500 yen Let mom drink as much as you want 3,000 yen Keep bottle 5,000 yen

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I will do my best to serve customers with sincerity and love!

Ota City, Gunma Prefecture, where “Cafe de Mari” is located, is an industrial area and home to the automobile manufacturer “Subaru”. The shop is located in a moody building with Showa taste in the area that used to be called "Gunma's Kabukicho".

At the shop, mom's handmade pudding (a nostalgic baked pudding made with caramel, eggs and milk!), handmade light meals such as hand-drip coffee, and snacks are available at night.

When mom is away, the shop becomes a members-only share café "Cafe de Mariko", where members can spend their time freely. There are many musical instruments in the store, and the Internet environment is also substantial, so it is a space where you can return to your childhood and experience "nostalgia and newness".

The male-to-female ratio of our customers is almost the same, 5:5, and we are genderless for both women and men.

A place to relax and free your mind

Mariko's life is full of ups and downs! Since my teens , I have experienced part-time jobs and occupations such as newspaper delivery, restaurants, call centers, convenience stores, and cleaning. A mother full of curiosity and willing to take on any challenge, such as traveling around the world with her child on the "Peace Boat". It seems that the violin that I started after becoming an adult has been continuing for a long time.

"I don't have a glamorous career, but I've been facing the theme of living," says Mariko. As a facilitator, the shop run by a mom who is good at creating a lively atmosphere is a place where many people gather, surrounded by a warm mood, and where you can free your mind.

〈Message to customers〉

You can also visit your online drinking party as a companion. In addition to the meeting rooms used at Online Snack Yokocho, we can flexibly respond to customers' familiar video calls. When using it for free, please enjoy the relationship with your once-in-a-lifetime customers.

【store information】

Business hours: 18:00-24:00 (subject to change)
Address: 1st floor, Marumizu Building, 1135 Iidamachi, Ota City, Gunma Prefecture
7 minute walk from the south exit of Ota Station on the Tobu Isesaki Line
Along Burbank Street, across from Cosmo Oil
Phone number: 080-5438-9676

For lunch and snack reservations, please call us at least one week in advance. Tell us what you like. We will respond flexibly.

▷ HP: https://cafe-de-mari.com/
▷TikTok: https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSvFs9Vg/
▷FB: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100025370481829
▷ Instagram: mariko2335
▷ Twitter: @cafedomari
▷ LINE ID https://lin.ee/mPLM7WH
▷ Pococha: https://www.pococha.com/ja-jp/app/lives/shared/27383452

*We cannot respond to refunds of ticket prices due to customer's convenience.
* Please refer to the following example for the holding time that straddles the day. Example: 24:00 on the 19th = 12:00 am on the 20th, 25:00 on the 19th = 1:00 am on the 20th may become. Please note.
*In the unlikely event that the snack operator deems it inappropriate, such as nuisance or remarks to other customers or staff, we may take a video or force you to leave the store. Please note.
*The number of people who can use one ticket is limited to one person. When using multiple people on the same screen, please purchase tickets for the number of people.

*Time extensions, transfers, or cancellations due to poor connectivity are not possible. Connection to "jitsi" (https://meet.jit.si/snackyokocho/test) or "whereby" (https://snack.whereby.com/test) used for the snack experience, movie, sound check in advance Thank you very much for your support. For details, please check " Frequently Asked Questions Q&A ".

Click here for information on how to use Online Snack Yokocho, including how to make reservations for Online Snack Yokocho, prices and plans, and how to enter Online Snack Yokocho.

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