How to enjoy Online Snack Yokocho?

Hello, this is the online snack secretariat.

When Online Snack Yokocho first opened, it was opened as a form of support for snack moms who are greatly affected by the new coronavirus.

However, I am happy that many people are using it even now that the corona is being settled.

Therefore, we have summarized how to enjoy Online Snack Yokocho so that more people can use it.

In the first place, I will introduce how to enjoy actual snacks easily for those who think that how to enjoy actual snacks.

How to enjoy original snacks

■ Snack selection

Calling snacks in advance is one of the strategies to find a good shop. Snack selection is important to enjoy the snack itself. The point when choosing a shop is to guess the atmosphere of mom and what kind of snack from the snack sign and snack name.

■ Conversation with Mama & Master

The best part about snacks is talking with mom and master. Love and life consultation, stories that can be told only by moms, interesting stories from moms, etc. Moms will involve other customers and liven up the story.

■ Karaoke while drinking alcohol

You can enjoy snacks while singing karaoke duets with the staff and mothers. In addition, other customers join in the karaoke, so you can enjoy communicating with strangers in a flat relationship.

Now let's talk about how to enjoy online snacks.

How to enjoy Online Snack Yokocho

■ Connect with moms all over Japan and overseas

Because it is online, you can easily use snacks that are not suitable for distance. Because the place is different , you can enjoy the feeling of traveling, such as enjoying local stories unique to the local dialect of the mother.

There is also a new way to enjoy yourself by actually visiting the shops you used for online snacks on business trips or travel destinations.

Currently, in addition to snacks from all over Japan, overseas snacks are also open at Online Snack Yokocho. How about searching for snacks from your area?

Snack list

■Unique mothers assemble in full force. meet different moms

At Online Snack Yokocho, there are many unique mothers such as soothing , cheerful , and transsexual mothers .

You can change the snack mom according to your mood, such as if you want to make a fuss today, so let's go to a cheerful mom, and enjoy conversations with various moms without getting bored.

At Online Snack Yokocho, you can search for snacks by service type from among member snacks. How about going to see various moms using the search?

Snack list

■ You can use it as long as you have an internet environment, so feel free to experience snacks from anywhere.

Online Snack Yokocho does not require installation of a dedicated app, and can be used easily anywhere with an internet environment.

There are snacks with tickets for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes, so sudden use is also welcome.

There are snacks that are open today , so you can feel free to talk to mom. ( Depending on the reservation status, it may already be full. Please be forewarned. )


Online Snack Yokocho is used by many people, such as people who are new to snacks, women, and people with children.

If you have never been to a snack bar before, or if you are afraid of going to a snack bar because you are afraid of being infected with the new coronavirus, please use Online Snack Yokocho.

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