Aiming to inherit and develop “snack culture”

“Online Snack Yokocho” service that can be enjoyed at home-Relieve self-restraint fatigue and support snack culture-

Sun Woman Mayuko Igarashi

The Online Snack Alley, which was born while many snacks were in a difficult situation due to the impact of the corona wreck, has seen new trends such as men and women in their 20s to 40s who have never been to a snack bar. I'm here.

In addition, online snacks have led to new encounters between moms and masters and customers, such as visiting physical stores, contributing to the succession of snack culture as a gateway to snacks.

We will continue to create a place where many people can experience and enjoy snacks by implementing various projects and events for people who do not know or have never experienced snacks. We are determined to work together to liven up the snack culture while exploring real and hybrid developments, rather than staying online.

Mayuko Igarashi Representative, Online Snack Yokocho Culture Co., Ltd.

Messages of support for the snack industry from people in various fields
Since I am receiving it, I would like to introduce it.

President of All Japan Snack Federation Sujitaro Tamabukuro

I am Sujitaro Tamabukuro, the president of the All Japan Snack Federation.

Due to this new coronavirus bastard, Japan is in an unprecedented crisis situation. The snack industry, which is a night business, has been particularly hard hit. In fact, my shop has been temporarily closed since the end of March, and I don't know when it will reopen. Under such circumstances, I think that the opening of “Online Snack Yokocho” will play an important role in protecting the world-class Japanese culture of snacks.

Despite my lack of strength, I will support you as much as I can. Let's have a drink at "Online Snack Yokocho" until the day when the corona weather clears up and everyone can have a toast at the shop!

Don't lose snacks!

National Snack Federation Official Site

Minna Denryoku Co. , Ltd. Representative Director Tsukasa Oseki

Beyond the door of the snack bar, there are people who can only meet at that moment, there are dialects, there are nostalgic foods, and stories about the region that can only be heard there.

There are laughter, joy and tears that cannot be seen in the media.
There is a culture of people that is rooted in the region and never returns once it is lost.
Snacks are the perfect place to get to know and experience the local community and culture.

Such wonderful snacks are available online, and at the same time, all the well-known shops selected by “Suna Onna” are all in one place! Isn't it great! It's fun, I can learn, and I feel like I'll be attending every day, so I'm not worried anymore.

If you see them at snacks, please be gentle with them. cheers!

Dreaming of the day when the neon lights of snack bars all over the country will be lit with renewable energy.

Minna Denryoku Official Site

Nationwide snack support site "Snack de karaoke navi" (Sunakara) presided over

General Incorporated Association National Karaoke Business Association Chairman Hideki Sakuma

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to all those who have been affected by the spread of the new coronavirus infection, as well as those who have been affected by requests for leave and refraining from going out. This infectious disease has resulted in the declaration of a state of emergency nationwide, bringing unprecedented headwinds to the environment surrounding karaoke.

Under these circumstances, the opening of "Online Snack Yokocho", which builds a "bridge of the future" for snacks that have been forced to close, is a wonderful attempt. We hope that Yokocho will create more new encounters and that more people will be able to experience the charm of snacks.

And after the end of the corona wreck, we would appreciate it if you could use Sunakara (snack de karaoke navi ), where you can feel free to experience snacks with peace of mind, when you use snacks directly in Yokocho. I have high hopes that the snack bar, which has been loved as a place of vitality for tomorrow, will open the door to even more people than before, and that it will become a bridge to the future.

National Karaoke Business Association Official Site

Qurumu LLC representative and Suna woman

Kurumi Tashiro

Actually, Miyazaki is a region where the snack culture is deeply rooted. The prefecture has the highest number of snacks per capita in Japan. Nishitachi is one of Miyazaki's busiest shopping districts, and one of the best snack towns in Japan, no, in the world.

Online Snack Yokocho is a dream place for snack lovers, where you can shop for snacks from all over Japan, including Nishitachi!

When you find a shop you like and we can enjoy snack time freely again, please come and see Mama.

Please let us know when you come to Nishitachi!

Qurumu LLC official website

Kujira Capital Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Shinji Takeuchi

As a company that advocates “regional revitalization with digital x capital”, Online Snack Yokocho is a really interesting initiative.

I have experienced many times that singing Enka together at an evening snack shortens the distance between us more than going to the countryside and talking about work for hours. A wonderful space where you can get a glimpse of the real face of the manager who is usually unknown. Also, for shy and introverted people like myself, the online snack alley is actually more appreciated than the physical store.

At a physical store, that heavy door is scary at first and I can't open it, but online it's just a few clicks. In fact, I've already visited many local snack stores online, so someday when the new corona calms down, I'll actually go for a drink!

Kujira Capital Co., Ltd. Official Website

Kagen Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Daisuke Koyasu

This time, the food and beverage industry as a whole is entering a difficult phase, but the impact on snacks is too great. But all over Japan, snacks are a valuable presence that has enriched people's lives.

I myself have been interested in snacks for about 10 years, and I had the pleasure of assisting in the revitalization of Wakamatsu Market, a snack town in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture. I wonder if moms are doing well.

In an era where only digital efficiency is required, I don't want snacks that are real, analog, and where you can feel people's breathing will never disappear.

I'm rooting for you! !

Wakamatsu Market Official Site

North Elements Co., Ltd.

Representative Director and Value Creation Producer Tatsuro Tonoki

This service, which was born in the online age, is really amazing! Snack mom's skill is exactly "facilitation technology". I was reminded of this value. Online snacks are a new possibility created by a pinch, where you can fully enjoy the charm of "snacks" that take care of each and every one of you and enjoy the best time. By experiencing it, a sense of intimacy is born, and "I want to go to that store right now!" And the fun of going to a real store doubles.

North Elements Co., Ltd.

A president on the edge of a cliff teaches us how to use "why?"

Special Thanks

“Online Snack Yokocho” was able to open its doors thanks to the support of many people. As a token of our gratitude, we will list the names of our cooperating companies.

knowte Co., Ltd.

Qol Co., Ltd.

Hanasaki Grandpa Co., Ltd.