[Miyazaki Nishitachibana Dori] Miyazaki's Largest Entertainment District "Nishitachi"

Miyazaki 's largest entertainment district "Nishitachi" is located in Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture . It is also said to be the place where snacks gather most in Japan. There are also many attractive snacks in it.

However, I often hear people worrying that they don't know what kind of shop to choose from among the many snacks.

So why not use Online Snack Alley to find better snacks with lovely moms?

If you connect with the owner of the snack bar that actually runs Miyazaki Nishitachi, you can not only enjoy a snack while staying at home, but you may also be able to hear local information unique to the area and delicious restaurant information! After an hour, you'll be a regular snacker. When you visit Susukino on a trip or business trip, you can open the snack door without worrying.

This time, we would like to introduce popular online snack shops in Nishitachi, Miyazaki.

Snack SUN

Snack SUN is a long-established snack bar that has been in business for 23 years and boasts great popularity in Nishitachi, Miyazaki City. Bright and energetic staff and mothers will welcome you.

It is a frank snack that you can come by yourself from the second time onwards, and it is a shop where employees and customers can enjoy together.

The staff and mom will take care of you, so you can rest assured even if you are alone. Love, life consultation, local stories, anything is OK! There is no doubt that you can have a great time without feeling the distance of online.

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