[Gunma Ota] "Cafe de Mari", a shop run by a mom who experienced a trip around the world on a peace boat

Ota City in Gunma Prefecture is one of the most famous industrial cities in Japan. This article introduces Cafe de Marie, located in an eerie building with a Showa taste in the area that used to be called "Gunma's Kabukicho."

Cafe de Marie

Mariko's life is full of ups and downs! Since my teens , I have experienced part-time jobs and occupations such as newspaper delivery, restaurants, call centers, convenience stores, and cleaning. A mother full of curiosity and willing to take on any challenge, such as traveling around the world with her child on the "Peace Boat". It seems that the violin that I started after becoming an adult has been continuing for a long time.

"I don't have a glamorous career, but I've been facing the theme of living," says Mariko. As a facilitator, the shop run by a mom who is good at creating a lively atmosphere is a place where many people gather, surrounded by a warm mood, and where you can free your mind.

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