NEW OPEN! What is "ActresSnack" for active actress moms?

"ActresSnack Hikiwarai", which opened on April 1, 2022, is an online snack where Miko Nakagawa, an actress who is very active in movies, serves as a mother.
Miko Mama, who loves alcohol, regularly held an event called "Snack Miko" in Shinjuku while working as an actress. However, the event was suspended due to the corona crisis. Mama chose online snacks as a community space! This time, don't miss online snacks made by actress moms! I will introduce you.

<Mama Introduction> Miko Nakagawa The actress who enjoys drinking the most in the world. Small theater business. Host / More than 100 stage tickets / 12 consecutive months of stage performances in 2019. challenger. YouTube person. Lemon sour person. a person who plays golf I love alcohol that makes me smile. YouTube "Drunken Actress Miko-chan" 4/27-5/1 Engeki Unit Meteor Rhetoric 6th performance Hoshireto short story "secret of holy" scheduled to appear

AcresSnack Hikiwarai
◆First-time only 1:1 30 minutes 2,000 yen ◆1:1 (with a toast drink) 60 minutes 4,500 yen → Open price 4,000 yen ◆Free (share with other customers, with a toast drink) 60 minutes 4,000 yen
◆ Group charter (up to 3 people, with a toast drink) 60 minutes 11,000 yen
◆Drinks for mom (current boyfriend/ex-boyfriend) 800 yen
◆ Mama all-you-can-drink 3,500 yen
*Ticket sales deadline is 24 hours before
* Immediate response is possible only for the chat system "Moshi Moshi Mama"

Miko Mama, an actress with a round face, loves to drink! Miko Mama, who bought a lot of lemon sour before the store opened, said, "I want to enjoy alcohol with customers all over the country through online snacks!"

This time, the long-awaited opening of the snack store has come true online, but one of our goals is to open a physical store in 2022. We would like to have a long-lasting relationship with customers who enjoy the growth and history of Hikiwarai and Miko Mama, which have just started! Enthusiastic enough.
〇〇 days left until the actual store is ready.
Would you like to watch over Miko Mama's dream together?
There is no doubt that drinking with a bright and attractive mom will make you feel better! We will liven up your home drinking with a variety of talks such as theater company management, senbero drinking tours, golf aiming for a score of 100, a story about traveling around Japan, the real story of Alasar girls, etc. If you are using "ActresSnack Hikiwarai" for the first time, you can try it for 2000 yen for 30 minutes. Tickets will be sold out 24 hours before the deadline, but immediate support is possible only for the chat system "Moshi Moshi Mama". If the green mark is lit, please talk to me!

ActresSnack Hikiwarai (Shinjuku, Tokyo)

◆ First time limited 1:1 30 minutes 2,000 yen
◆ 1 to 1 (with a toast drink) 60 minutes 4,500 yen
Free (with other customers and a toast drink)
60 minutes ¥4,000
◆ Group charter (up to 3 people, with a toast drink)
60 minutes ¥11,000
◆Drinks for mom (current boyfriend/ex-boyfriend) 800 yen
◆ Mama all-you-can-drink 3,500 yen

As long as you have a Wi-Fi environment, your room will be transformed into a snack! About 70 stores nationwide are members of the online snack alley, which snack do you choose?

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