[New store, Iwate Prefecture] Fashion leader in Hanamaki? ! A night to be addicted to the unique mama's "gentle x sharp tongue"

The townscape retains the atmosphere of the Showa era.
In a corner of a certain town in Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture, "Rise", a quiet hideaway shop, will join from the end of February 2021.
Maiko is a 17-year veteran mom, but she seems nervous because it's her first time doing online sales.

In Iwate Prefecture, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus infection has continued to be zero. That doesn't mean the store isn't affected, though.

Maiko's mom: "Don't send infected people out of Iwate! There is an unspoken pressure of ``, and everyone seems to be cautious ...''

Is there anything I can do now? Thinking about it, he says he decided to challenge online sales.

- Now, how did you feel about getting started?

Maiko's mom: " As always, I'm surprised that it's fun and the time goes by so quickly.
It is very valuable and I am very happy to be able to interact with customers who may not have met if I hadn't done online."

“Rise” is a free space where easy-going moms and unique customers gather. A hideout where women can stop by alone

By the way, I'm curious about Maiko's mom's fashion.
Hair style, kimono, clothes, nails...everything is very unique.
The atmosphere changes every time I go to play, so it makes me feel fresh and happy every time.

Also, even though she is a veteran mom, she is natural and life-sized. Even though she is calm, she sometimes throws poison with a straight face.

Tonight, how about enjoying a leisurely drink with a unique mother who speaks the Iwate dialect?

Click here for details and reservations for "Rise"

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