Check your entry email

This is the entry URL. When it is time for your reservation, please enter from this URL

Option URL

Options can be used in two ways

・If you want to extend

・If you want to treat or give a present to your mother


◆I haven't received a reservation email.
If you do not receive a reservation completion email within 30 minutes, please contact the secretariat using the inquiry form. We will resend the email. Please be sure to include the email address and name you registered at the time of booking.
Click here for the inquiry form

There are several possible reasons why you may not receive an email.
(1) There is an error in the email address you entered. (2) The email has been sorted into the spam folder. (3) The connection server is delayed.
⑥Domain settings→If you are using mobile mail, there is a possibility that you have set domain-specified reception. Please refer to each company's website and set the domain to "".
<Domain setting method>

■ docomo users
For au users
■ Softbank users

◆Will personal information be passed on to snack shops?

The personal information entered by the customer at the time of purchase will be delivered to the snack store in three ways: name, email address, and phone number. Credit card information and addresses will not reach the snack shop.