Introduced on the podcast program "Peapod" on 10/15 (Thursday)

Representative Mayuko Igarashi appeared on the podcast program "Peapod" operated by Peatix Japan.

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Thinking with Mayuko Igarashi, Representative of Online Snack Yokocho, “How to create a future bridge that connects cultures”

This time, Mayuko Igarashi, the representative who launched "Online Snack Yokocho" as a place to rescue the snack industry, which was forced to close due to the corona virus and suffered a devastating blow, and to create new encounters, will appear as a guest. I did.
The greatest value of Online Snack Yokocho is to revitalize Japan through casual communication with snack moms and masters, who are professional customers, and to become a “future bridge” where customers can directly visit snacks when the corona is over. Igarashi, who thinks and acts, and Peatix founding members Taku Harada and Yuji Fujita talk about how to create a future bridge that connects cultures.

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