Introduced in Weekly Women's & Weekly Women's PRIME on 2/9 (Tue.)

"Iroha", which joins Online Snack Yokocho, was introduced in Weekly Women's & Weekly Women's PRIME.

Chizuru Ikewaki's drama "That Woman, Jillba" started on January 9th .
A drama based on a manga , featuring a heartwarming episode in which the main character, played by Chizuru Ikewaki, jumps into a mature woman bar and interacts with mature woman hostesses. From that work, we will talk about the communication that takes place at the actual site of the snacks and old cabarets that are attracting attention again, about the mom of Online Snack Yokocho, and Mama Mizuho of Iroha, who is opening a new store in Ginza.

Weekly women's PRIME

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