5/2 (Sun) Yahoo! Introduced in Japan News.

Sexo Fuma Kikuchi surprises the co-stars at the confession of going to a snack in the countryside "Go!"

In the article

Fuma Kikuchi (26) of "Sexy Zone" will appear on NTV's " Nino -san" broadcast on the 2nd (10/25 before Sunday). He revealed that he frequents snacks in rural areas. Online Snack Yokocho is a service where you can go drinking while staying at home, and you can drink online with moms who connect online with snacks nationwide. There are also shared seats with other customers and private service with mothers. Kikuchi leaned forward to introduce this service, saying, "It's the best." "Online snacks are attractive, but honestly, I can't go, so snacks," he revealed. ”

And so on.

Online Snack Yokocho is open today as well!