2021.07.04 Introduced on Yahoo! JAPAN News.

2021.07.04 Introduced in Nikkan Gendai DIGITAL.

2021.06.14 Introduced on DXportal.

2021.05.19Introduced by Word of Mouth Lab.

2021.05.14 Introduced at ENSEN-GOURMET.

2021.05.14Introduced in Kitaguni Kurashi Hokkaido Media .

2021.05.14 Introduced on hinapage.

2021.05.2 Yahoo! Introduced in Japan News.

2021.05.2Introduced on NTV "Nino-san Reiwa New Common Sense Derby".

2021.04.27 Introduced in Gourmet Hunters.

2021.03.23 Introduced in the April issue HotPepperBeauty.

2021.03.22 Introduced in Trip Planner.

2021.03.17 Introduced in Nikkei Cross Tech.

2021.02.18 Introduced in Nikkei woman "I've been there! I tried it, experience report".

2021.02.12Introduced by Chubu Keizai Shimbun.

2021.02.09Introduced in Weekly Women's & Weekly Women's PRIME.

2021.02.09 "Hinagiku" was introduced on Sapporo Television Broadcasting.

2021.01.01Introduced in the Yomiuri Shimbun Hokkaido edition

2020.12.29Introduced on Kansai TV "Miyane's Number One 2020"

2020.12.25 Introduced on Fuji TV "Mezamashi TV"

2020.11.02 Introduced in Men's Precious.

2020.10.15 Introduced on the podcast program "Peapod".

2020.10.03Introduced in the Miyazaki Nichinichi Shimbun.

2020.09.14 Introduced in ComingOut.Tokyo.

2020.09.07 Introduced in HOKKAIDO Media Kitaguni Life.

2020.09.03Introduced in the Tokyo Yomiuri Shimbun.

2020.08.19Introduced in the Nagasaki Shimbun.

2020.07.30 Introduced in COLOCAL NEWS.

2020.07.23 Introduced in from Food.

2020.07.22Introduced on the Tokushima Shimbun website.

2020.07.22 Introduced in SEOTOOLS.

2020.07.22 Introduced on InternetCom.

2020.07.22 Introduced on ReseMom.

2020.07.22 Introduced on BlogPeople.

2020.07.22 Introduced on RBB TODAY. 

2020.07.22Introduced in Zaikei Shimbun.

2020.07.22 Introduced on Mapion news.

2020.07.22 Introduced on Rakuten Infoseek News.

2020.07.22 Introduced in BIGLOBE.

2020.07.22 Introduced in NEWSCAST.

2020.07.21 Introduced by the woman herself.

2020.07.16 Introduced in Trip Planner.

2020.07.14 Introduced by the woman herself.

2020.07.14 Introduced in Weekly Economist.

2020.07.09 Introduced in MEN'S Precious.

2020.07.09 Introduced on TBS "Good Luck!"

2020.07.07Introduced in Kanko Keizai Shimbun.

2020.07.03 Introduced on the YouTube channel "NATSU ANNE".

2020.07.02 Introduced on ONE MORNING.

2020.07.02 Introduced on GOOD DAY.

2020.07.02 Introduced on ONE MORNING AICHI.

2020.06.29Introduced by Nippon Furusato Press.

2020.06.29 Introduced at Startup.

2020.06.29 Introduced on Finenews TODAY.

2020.06.29 Introduced in Checkers.

2020.06.29 Introduced in SEO TOOLS.

2020.06.29Introduced in Establishment of Adult Company.

2020.06.29Introduced on net election dot com.

2020.06.29 Introduced on chu KANS.

2020.06.29 Introduced in BUSINESS ITEM communication.

2020.06.29Introduced in Net Venture News.

2020.06.29Introduced in the latest information on investment trusts.

2020.06.29Introduced in the latest overseas investment information.

Introduced in the 2020.06.29 VF release.

2020.06.29Introduced in Zaikei Shimbun.

2020.06.29 Introduced in GRENADE.

Introduced at the 2020.06.29 event.

2020.06.29Introduced in Omotion.

2020.06.29Introduced in full marks.

2020.06.29 Introduced at Level High!

Introduced on 2020.06.29 Paloparo.

2020.06.29 Introduced on twit news.

2020.06.29 Let's go play! I was introduced to

2020.06.29 Introduced on LEAF HIDE.

Introduced on 2020.06.29 Fasting.com.

2020.06.29 Introduced in Mote Manga.

2020.06.29Introduced in Mobile Coupon Latest Information.

Introduced on 2020.06.29 Rental Share.

2020.06.29Introduced at the adult social tour.

2020.06.29Introduced on Onna no Kanai Dotcom.

Introduced on 2020.06.29 Ogorimasse.

2020.06.29 Introduced in Dronuma.

2020.06.29Introduced in Best and Worst.

2020.06.29 Daily! Introduced in the latest news.

2020.06.29Introduced in Charity News.

2020.06.29 Introduced on Mapion news.

2020.06.29 Introduced in Snacks!

Introduced on 2020.06.29Menu.

2020.06.15Introduced in Asahi Shimbun Digital.

2020.06.15Introduced in Asahi Shimbun Digital.

2020.06.12 Introduced on NHK World.

2020.06.10Introduced in Zaikei Shimbun.

2020.06.07 Introduced on TV Asahi "Beat Takeshi's TV Tackle".

2020.06.05 Introduced on TV Asahi "Good! Morning".

2020.06.03 Introduced on "WEEKLY OCHIAI".

2020.05.31 Yahoo! Introduced in the news.

2020.05.31 Introduced on @nifty news.

2020.05.31 Introduced in excite news.

2020.05.31 Introduced in infoseek NEWS.

2020.05.31 Introduced at LIMO.

2020.05.29 Introduced on TBS "N Star".

2020.05.29 Introduced on goo news.

2020.05.29 Introduced in Town News.

2020.05.29 Introduced at bloomberg Japan.

2020.05.27  Introduced on TV Tokyo "World Business Satellite".

2020.05.26 Introduced in the Yomiuri Shimbun.

2020.05.25 Introduced on TBS "Hayadoki!"

2020.05.23 Introduced on TBS "Information 7days".

2020.05.23 Introduced on NHK "Good Morning Japan".

2020.05.22Introduced on TV Asahi "Super J Channel".

2020.05.22 Introduced on Nagoya Television Broadcasting.

2020.05.22 Introduced in Now!News MAG.

2020.05.21 Introduced in Iloiroi-Rodori.

2020.05.21 Introduced on Hiroshima Home TV.

2020.05.21 Introduced on TV Asahi news.

2020.05.21 Introduced on TV Asahi "Hodo Station".

2020.05.21 Introduced on Shizuoka Asahi TV.

2020.05.20Introduced on Nihonkai TV.

2020.05.20 Introduced on North Japan Broadcasting.

2020.05.20 Introduced on goo news.

2020.05.20 Yahoo! Introduced in the news.

2020.05.20 Introduced in excite news.

2020.05.20 Introduced on livedoorNEWS.

2020.05.20 Introduced in Mamatena.

2020.05.20 Introduced on nomoo.

2020.05.20Introduced on NTV "every."

2020.05.20 Introduced on TBS "Gogosuma".

2020.05.19Introduced on Fuji TV "Live News it!"

2020.05.18 Introduced in AREA dot.

2020.05.18Introduced in Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting "Asakore! Column".

2020.05.17 Introduced on infoseekNEWS.

2020.05.17 Introduced on @nifty news.

2020.05.17 Introduced in Toyo Keizai Online.

2020.05.16 Introduced in the d menu news.

Introduced on 2020.05.16 Snack de karaoke navi.

2020.05.16Introduced in the Japan Shokuhin Shimbun.

2020.05.16 Introduced on Sokotoko Online.

2020.05.16 Introduced on goo news.

2020.05.16 Introduced in Nikkan Gendai Digital.

2020.05.15 Introduced in Daily More.

2020.05.14 Introduced in Love Note.

2020.05.14 Introduced in Zaikei Shimbun.

2020.05.14 Introduced in Mapion news.

2020.05.14 Introduced in Gourmet along the line.

2020.05.14 Introduced in Gunosy.

2020.05.14 Introduced on IT channel.

2020.05.14 Introduced on livedoor NEWS.

2020.05.14 Yahoo! Introduced in the news.

2020.05.14 Introduced on Mdn.

2020.05.14 Introduced in Urban Life Metro.

2020.05.14 "Online Snack Yokocho" has opened.