Online Snack Yokocho Bunka Co. , Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) operates the website “Online Snack Yokocho” “” (hereinafter referred to as the “Site” ). ), we have established the following review terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") so that everyone can use it comfortably.
In order to use this site, it is necessary to agree to these terms, so please read the following carefully before using.

Article 1 (Scope of application)

  1. These Terms shall apply to persons (hereinafter referred to as "users") who use online snacks (hereinafter referred to as "this service") on this site operated by Online Snack Yokocho.
  2. When the user uses this service, the terms of use shall be applied in addition to this agreement. In this case, if there is a conflict between these Terms and the Terms of Use, these Terms shall take precedence, and the Terms of Use shall apply to matters not stipulated in these Terms (hereafter referred to as the User If you use , these Terms shall include the Terms of Use).

Article 2 (This service and terms of use)

  1. In this service, you can post reviews of your impressions of the member snacks of this site in the form of images, videos, and comments (hereinafter referred to as "posts"). In addition, by replying messages (hereinafter collectively referred to as "messages") from SNACK moms and related parties to users' posts, communication between users and SNACKs becomes possible. These posts and messages will be posted and made public at: Please note that some services and functions may not be supported depending on the device used.
    (1) Web page of this service (2) Each store page of posted snacks
  2. Only users of this service can post.
  3. Users can post from the following locations. The posting location can be selected by the user.
    (1) Posting request email sent from this site after using this service (2) "Write a review" button installed on the member snack page of this service
  4. The details and terms of use of the Service shall be stipulated by Online Snack Yokocho in addition to these Terms and Conditions (including, but not limited to, Terms of Use, etc., hereinafter referred to as "Rules of Use, etc."). The User shall comply with these Terms and these Usage Rules (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Terms, etc."). Online Snack Yokocho may revise these usage rules, etc. at any time.

Article 3 (Publishing User Initials)

  1. The User agrees in advance that the user's initials will be published along with the message posted on this site before posting.
  • When posting from a review request email, the initials of the purchaser's name linked to the user's registered email address are made public.
  • When posting directly from the member snack page of this service, the initials of the name information entered by the user are disclosed

Article 4 (Handling of posted content)

  1. At the time the user posts content (including, but not limited to, images, videos, and comments; hereinafter referred to as "posted content") to Online Snack Yokocho, the posted content may not be duplicated. , public transmission, translation, adaptation and other uses in any form without regional restrictions, shall be deemed to have been granted to Online Snack Yokocho free of charge, and within the scope of such use, Online Snack Yokocho shall be deemed to have the right to sub-license to third parties. I acknowledge in advance that it will be deemed to have been granted free of charge, and accept this.
  2. The user acknowledges that the content posted and the use of the content posted by Online Snack Yokocho do not infringe any third party rights such as copyrights, portrait rights, or slander third parties. We guarantee.
  3. When using a third party's copyrighted work, etc. in posted content, the user shall complete all necessary rights processing with the third party in advance.
  4. Users shall not exercise moral rights of authors or other intellectual property rights regarding the use of posted content by Online Snack Yokocho and third parties who have received sublicenses from Online Snack Yokocho.
  5. Unless otherwise permitted by Online Snack Yokocho, users may not use content posted by other users beyond the scope of personal use.
  6. Online Snack Yokocho shall be able to view the exchange of comments between users and snacks before they are made public, and users shall use this service after consenting to such viewing in advance.
  7. When using a posting service or SNS service provided by a third party other than our company that operates in conjunction with this service, the user shall comply with the terms of use of each service, and our company assumes no responsibility. Hmm.

Article 5 (Prohibition of Use for Other Purposes)

Users may use the Service through the Service, except when Online Snack Yokocho approves (if there is a third party who holds the rights to the content posted, this includes obtaining the consent of the third party through Online Snack Yokocho). Any information obtained may not be disclosed, sold, published, or otherwise reproduced for personal use.

Article 6 (Prohibited Acts)

Posting or replying to messages with content that falls under or may fall under any of the following items is prohibited. If Online Snack Yokocho determines that any of the following items apply or is likely to fall under any of the following items, Online Snack Yokocho may voluntarily hide or delete the post or message, and the user may do so. shall be accepted without objection.

  1. Content that is the same as past posts (copy and paste or similar)
  2. stylized content
  3. Rumors, hearsay, and other content that cannot be judged to be the user's own actual experience
  4. Snacks or content that slanders individuals or others
  5. Contents related to troubles and payments to stores, individuals and others
  6. Content that includes personal information (name, address, phone number, email address, etc.) (including collection of personal information), content that infringes the rights of third parties, such as copyrights, portrait rights, and privacy rights. In the unlikely event that a posted image or comment contains personal information, portraits or copyrighted works, it is assumed that the person or the right holder has given permission.
  7. Content containing celebrity sightings
  8. Content that is offensive to public order and morals, such as threats, obscenity, or intimidating others
  9. Content that leads to or encourages criminal activity
  10. Expressions that may be interpreted as inappropriate under social conventions, or expressions that may be inappropriate, obscene, violent, or other content that the general public may find offensive
  11. Content related to heterosexual relationships
  12. Content that promotes election campaigns or specific political or ideological activities
  13. Links or URLs to malicious websites or websites that Online Snack Yokocho deems inappropriate
  14. Content not suitable as snack information
  15. Profit-oriented content such as excessive advertising, sales, or transfer
  16. Content for the purpose of inappropriate solicitation
  17. Content that is difficult to confirm the truth of the content or content that contains falsehood
  18. dogmatic and assertive expressions
  19. Content that is subjectively compared with other stores
  20. Content that seeks personal profit from the store
  21. Content that interferes with the operation of the Service
  22. Links and URLs to other review sites
  23. Other content that conflicts with the law or content that Online Snack Yokocho deems inappropriate

Article 7 (Privacy, Deletion, etc. of Posts)

  1. If Online Snack Yokocho determines that a user's post falls under any of the preceding Articles, Online Snack Yokocho will voluntarily take necessary actions such as unpublishing, deleting, correcting to an appropriate state, or otherwise responding to such post or message. , the user shall accept it without objection. Even in that case, Online Snack Yokocho may not disclose or notify the reason.
  2. If Online Snack Yokocho unpublishes or deletes a post for the reason that it falls under the preceding article, all messages related to the post will be unpublished or deleted. Likewise, if you unpublish or delete a message, any posts related to that message will be unpublished or deleted.
  3. If there is a request for deletion from a third party, Online Snack Yokocho may voluntarily take necessary measures such as unpublishing, deleting, correcting to an appropriate state, etc. shall be accepted without objection.
  4. If a post or message is deleted, none of SNACK, Users, or third parties that are the subject of the post or message will be able to view it (Online Snack Yokocho will still be able to view it).

Article 8 (Compensation for damages)

Posted content infringes the rights of a third party (including but not limited to intellectual property rights such as copyrights, design rights, patent rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, and portrait rights), online snacks In the event that Yokocho is forced to compensate for damages, Online Snack Yokocho will compensate the user who made the post that caused the infringement of the damages and any related costs (including court costs, compensation, and attorneys' fees). including but not limited to).

Article 9 (Disclaimer)

  1. Regarding the posted content, the user who made the post will assume all responsibility, and Online Snack Yokocho will not take any responsibility for this.
  2. Any trouble between users or between a user and a third party shall be resolved between the parties concerned, and Online Snack Yokocho shall not be obligated to be involved in such troubles.
  3. Online Snack Yokocho shall not be held responsible even if posted content disappears due to natural disasters or human error.
  4. Online Snack Yokocho may temporarily suspend or suspend the provision of all or part of this service without the consent of the user if any of the following items apply. In this case, even if the user suffers damages or disadvantages, Online Snack Yokocho shall not bear any compensation or disadvantages.
    (1) When system maintenance, update, or Online Snack Yokocho determines that it is an emergency (2) When it is difficult to provide this service due to force majeure such as natural disasters, fires, power outages (3) When this service is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances other than the above If it is difficult to provide
  5. Online Snack Yokocho may change, add, modify or discontinue this service without the consent of the user. In this case, even if the user suffers damage or disadvantage, Online Snack Yokocho shall not bear any compensation or disadvantage.

Article 10 (Transfer of Status, etc.)

Users may not transfer their status or rights as users of the Service to third parties.

Article 11 (Revision of Terms)

  1. Online Snack Yokocho may arbitrarily revise these Terms without prior notice to users, and revisions to these Terms shall take effect when the revised Terms are posted on this site. In this case, you will be deemed to have agreed to the contents of the revised terms when you use the service after the revision.

Online Snack Yokocho may change or discontinue all or part of this service at its discretion without prior notice to users.

Article 12 (Governing Law, Agreed Jurisdiction)

  1. This agreement shall be interpreted based on the laws of Japan.
  2. In the event that a lawsuit arises regarding these Terms, the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court of first instance.