Four Articles on Reviews

For the purpose of sound service management, Online Snack Yokocho has stipulated the "4 Articles Regarding Reviews" and "Review Terms of Use" regarding matters that must be observed when posting reviews, so please cooperate in complying. ,Thank you.

Article 1
Reviews are intended to be used as a reference for selecting online snacks gathered from all over the country by publishing the subjective impressions and evaluations of users who have actually used online snacks on the Internet. Only those who actually use the online snack can write.

Article 2
In your review, please be sure that others will read and find it helpful, and please be specific about your thoughts on online snacks. However, please refrain from writing negative content that is difficult to slander or fact-check online snacks.

Article 3
Please be aware that your initials will be published on this site before posting.

Initial display example)
Yoko Tanaka → Yo Tanaka
tanaka yoko →ty

Article 4
Regarding reviews, please note that we may refrain from posting reviews that violate the terms of use at the discretion of our secretariat. In addition, we will not modify and publish the contents of the review without permission.