BAR GENKAN(福岡 行橋市)

BAR GENKAN, a place where everyone can gather and be the main character

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Before purchasing the following admission tickets, it is necessary to have a meeting with the master. After confirming that the lamp on the lower right button is green, please be sure to press the button and contact the master in advance from the chat.

◆Admission ticket (free, 60 minutes)
yen (with a toast drink)
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*Basically, we are operating with only one master, so we will only operate online and with customers at physical stores.


◆Extension 60 minutes 3,000 yen ◆Master drink 1,000 yen ◆Sparkling (half bottle) 4,000 yen ◆Master support drink <Matsu> 10,000 yen ◆Master support drink <Take> 6,000 yen ◆Master support drink <Ume> 3,000 yen

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Violence with facial deviation! A narcissist master's cozy bar

" Liberty ", which opened in August 2017 , is located in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture. Miyako City, which is larger than the entire 23 wards of Tokyo, is a city rich in nature, rich in not only seafood, but also mountains and rivers.

As it is in Miyako City, " Liberty " is very popular for its handmade appetizers using seasonal ingredients from the forest, river, and sea. There is a full menu of delicious meals, such as chilled ramen in the summer and seafood udon noodles in the winter. Of course, we also have a wide selection of drinks.

Enjoy Master's Talk

" Liberty " has a reputation for being a place where customers can relax as the staff are friendly and the atmosphere is good. The person in charge of online sales is Kuu Mama, who makes popular appetizers. What a former fisherman's mom!

After graduating from Iwate Prefectural Miyako Fisheries High School Food Department, he became a fisherman and spent 17 years, and is currently working at " Liberty ". Even now, I go to the mountains to pick edible wild plants in the spring, and help peel sea urchins in the summer. The appetizer is delicious!

“I was born and raised as a fisherman, so when it comes to sea work, boats, and other fishery-related topics, I get very passionate about it,” says Ku-mama. He recently started playing golf, and is addicted to it, but his score is about 130 , and he is still learning.

My mother's wish is that someday customers she meets online will actually visit Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture. First of all, let's go online to Miyako City to hear the inside story of a fisherman who is "pretty natural"!

〈Master's favorite things〉

# Watching anime (especially Isekai Reincarnation series)
# Music (hip hop)
# Sports (baseball, soccer)
# Of course alcohol (I like Islay whiskey these days)

<Message from Master>

We are waiting for customers who can't go out easily due to child care. I am best at making flowers bloom in everyday conversations! Let's get addicted to Tersi's Swamp together online!

【store information】

Address: Rabbit Building 201, 3-4-1 Chuo, Yukuhashi City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone number: 070-1989-3852
Hours: 21:00-Last
▷ Instagram:
▷ LINE ID: @genkan02

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