BAR清水(ロシア モスクワ)

BAR Shimizu, the first purely Japanese-style snack in Moscow

*Information will be announced on LINE when our store reopens online!

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【store information】

I'm back home!
I had a great time in Moscow.
We are very grateful to all of you for your patronage.
I'm really thankful to you.

My next goal is to revive BAR Shimizu in Tokyo.

Since my late teens, I have always been interested in Russia.
Moscow, a city that has captivated me since my first trip at the age of 21.
At the age of 30, I went to a university in Kazakhstan with my child to study abroad, and after studying for two years, I was finally able to speak Russian.
At the age of 38, he again lives in Kazakhstan for a year with his 10-year-old son. After returning to Japan, I decided to re-enter the industry where I worked as a new graduate and work until retirement.
On March 11, 2011, he experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake at his office in Marunouchi, which changed his outlook on life.
Then, when I was in my late 40s, I stumbled upon my vocation as a snack mom, and started the “Let’s Make Snacks in Moscow” project.
In March 2017, he left the company and moved to Moscow by himself while not knowing many people.
On January 28, 2018, BAR Shimizu, the first Japanese-style snack bar in Moscow, opened.
On September 5, 2020, the store was closed due to the pandemic.
Returned to Japan on August 21, 2021. Resume life in Tokyo.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to restart Moscow now, so I would like to revive BAR Shimizu in Tokyo first. In order to someday realize the concept that I had been drawing for two years, "to create a tie-up with BAR Shimizu Moscow store and Tokyo store". .

Until the day we can meet at the actual store, please take over "BAR Shimizu".

Instagram shimizu_moscow

*This information may differ from the latest information. Please note.

*We cannot respond to refunds of ticket prices due to customer's convenience.
* Please refer to the following example for the holding time that straddles the day. Example: 24:00 on the 19th = 12:00 am on the 20th, 25:00 on the 19th = 1:00 am on the 20th may become. Please note.
*In the unlikely event that the snack operator deems it inappropriate, such as nuisance or remarks to other customers or staff, we may take a video or force you to leave the store. Please note.
*The number of people who can use one ticket is limited to one person. When using multiple people on the same screen, please purchase tickets for the number of people.

*Time extensions, transfers, or cancellations due to poor connectivity are not possible. Connection to "jitsi" ( or "whereby" ( used for the snack experience, movie, sound check in advance Thank you very much for your support. For details, please check " Frequently Asked Questions Q&A ".

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