Oscar, a shop where music lovers gather

Ticket type:

[Admission ticket]

1 to 1 60 minutes 3,500 yen
Free 60 minutes (seating with other customers) 3,500 yen Charter 60 minutes (same price for 1 to 4 people) 6,000 yen

*The deadline for purchasing tickets from the calendar is 1 hour before the event.


30 minutes extension 2,000 yen
60 minutes extension 3,500 yen

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If you love music, you can't miss it! Hospitality by playing and singing? !

I started the shop at the age of 19 and have been working hard as a master for over 40 years ! Actually, during that time, I was also active as a comedian.

Such a master's hobby and special skill is playing the piano and guitar! Currently practicing drums! I also do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

When I'm singing karaoke, I think it's boring to just play the tambourine, so I play the drums along with the song. Every Saturday, you can enjoy guitar playing and singing performances by other staff!

Feel free to talk with the master who loves music, listen to the guitar performance (every Saturday) , or enjoy a conversation with the master at the online snack! As a matter of fact, I have a lot of life experience (I'm not young), so there are many people who talk to me about various things.

Oscar, a long-established snack bar in Tokyo Omiya

It is a large shop that can accommodate up to 40 people in the residential area of ​​Higashi Omiya.
We are the oldest store in Higashi Omiya, so please feel free to visit us.
Because it is a membership system, the key is closed.
(When you come to the store, please press the intercom. We will let you in immediately.)

In the actual store, we have a wide range of drinks available, but some customers who have their own favorites buy their own and leave the bottle. Bring food and drinks OK! Delivery OK! It's a free shop!

Our customers range in age from 20s to 70s. There are also many female customers, with a male to female ratio of 6:4. Single female customers and couples often visit us.

[For customers]

Let's have fun and talk together! Please visit us once.
We look forward to!

【store information】

Address: 4-61-14 Higashi-Omiya, Minuma-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture 10-minute walk from JR Higashi-Omiya Station West Exit
Phone number: 048-666-8694
Business hours: Monday to Saturday 20:00 ~ Closed on Sundays
*If Monday is a holiday, we will be open on Sunday and closed on Monday.

Facebook ID: 100009047626517

*We cannot respond to refunds of ticket prices due to customer's convenience.
* Please refer to the following example for the holding time that straddles the day. Example: 24:00 on the 19th = 12:00 am on the 20th, 25:00 on the 19th = 1:00 am on the 20th may become. Please note.
*In the unlikely event that the snack operator deems it inappropriate, such as nuisance or remarks to other customers or staff, we may take a video or force you to leave the store. Please note.
*The number of people who can use one ticket is limited to one person. When using multiple people on the same screen, please purchase tickets for the number of people.

*Time extensions, transfers, or cancellations due to poor connectivity are not possible. Connection to "jitsi" (https://meet.jit.si/snackyokocho/test) or "whereby" (https://snack.whereby.com/test) used for the snack experience, movie, sound check in advance Thank you very much for your support. For details, please check " Frequently Asked Questions Q&A ".

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