salon de M(福岡 西中洲)

Relaxing Fukuoka snack "salon de M"

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It is safe even for one person. You can spend your time quietly and slowly.

Mama used to work at a club in Nakasu, Fukuoka. After that, I ran a small shop in my hometown of Nagasaki, but I couldn't forget Fukuoka, so I opened my current shop "salon de M" 7 years ago.

My hobbies and special skills are ballroom dancing and making sweets (I just started learning ballroom dancing).

Please enjoy casual chatting with moms, such as love consultations, food stories, travel stories, and other stories that moms who have lived a turbulent life would like to hear.

At the actual store, the customers are mainly men in their 30s to 60s, but there are also people who come with their wives and women from the company. Meals can be delivered from delicious restaurants nearby.

<For customers>

Nishi-Nakasu is a fashionable area, but our shop is INAC in Nishi-Nakasu. Please feel free to come and visit us.

【store information】

Address: Fukuoka City (hereinafter undisclosed)

*This information may differ from the latest information. Please note.

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