"Snack Sora" is a cozy shop where even a single woman can enter with peace of mind.

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If you don't see your desired time in the above calendar, we may be able to accommodate you during the business hours below, so please feel free to call us!

Mon-Sat (closed on Sundays and public holidays)

TEL: 090-4967-1881

[Admission ticket]

◉1-on-1 / free trial 30 minutes (with mom's toast beer) 2,000 yen
◉1-on-1 60 minutes (with mama's toast beer) Men 3,500 yen Women 3,000 yen
◉1-on-1 90 minutes (with mom's toast beer) Men 5,000 yen Women 4,000 yen
◉ 1:1 120 minutes (Mama's toast with beer) Men 6,000 yen Women 5,000 yen
◉ Free 60 minutes (shared with other customers, mama's toast beer included) 3,000 yen
◉ Free 90 minutes (shared with other customers, mama's toast beer included) 4,000 yen
◉ Free 120 minutes (shared with other customers, with mom's toast beer) 5,000 yen
◉Private reservation 60 minutes (up to 4 people, including mama's toast drink) 8,000 yen

*Ticket reservations close 15 minutes before each start time .

Before purchasing the following admission tickets, you need to have a meeting with your mother. After confirming that the lamp on the bottom right button is green, please press the button and be sure to contact mom in advance from the chat.
Admission ticket (1 to 1, 60 minutes) 3,000 yen


◉Extension 30 minutes (1:1/free) 2,000 yen ◉Extension 30 minutes (chartered) 3,000 yen ◉ Mom's second beer 500 yen ◉ Mom's all-you-can-drink beer 1,500 yen ◉Bottle keep 5,000 yen~
Please decide the brand of the bottle in consultation with your mother (^^)/

* Please check here for how to use the option .

It is a shop that boasts a relaxing atmosphere.

The actual store "Snack Sora" is a 6-minute walk from the west exit (north) of Ikebukuro Station!

There is a Don Quixote West Exit store on the opposite side of "Sora", and in the next building there is a very popular ramen shop, a hidden Italian restaurant, and a delicious yakiniku restaurant, so it's the perfect place to accompany or after dinner *\( ^o^)/*

Regular customers of "Sora" range in age from 30's to 70's, and not only men but also women come to drink alone (^^)

Why don't you enjoy drinking with Madoka Mama, who is gentle and soothing, and change your mood?

*Madoka Mama Profile*

It's been 27 years since I became independent! My hobby is going to my favorite Eikichi Yazawa's LIVE! Collect Ei-chan goods!

And recently, I've been addicted to the Mayan calendar, tarot fortune-telling, and the study of destiny.

Favorite words: "Trust your intuition", "Lifelong challenge", "Exciting♡Tokimeki"
Her special skill is being able to sleep soundly no matter how depressed she is (sleep is the best!)

Also, is it a special skill to have a couple get married at a matchmaking party planned at a real store? It is (╹◡╹)♡

So, I decided to work as a matchmaking coordinator in earnest during the daytime~♪
As mentioned above, Madoka Mama is a little unique, but why don't you feel free to have fun chatting with her?
Love consultation, matchmaking consultation, life consultation, adultery consultation, anything is OK! (Obviously confidential)

* At the actual store, we held a "matchmaking party" at the customer's request, but unfortunately it is currently closed due to the corona wreck (TT)
However, we are secretly planning to hold a matchmaking party online, so if you are interested in marriage, please check it out! Please contact Madoka Mama〜(╹◡╹)♡

<For customers>

At our store, the physical store is closed during the online snack business.

Therefore, there is no annoyance such as customers at physical stores interrupting conversations out of curiosity during online service, and moms will not be called by other customers and will not sit in the middle at all. Customers can enjoy conversations with their mothers without any worries (^^)
Please feel free to make a reservation♪

【store information】

Address: 501 The Barrel Ikebukuro Building, 2-48-2 Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
6 minutes on foot from Ikebukuro West Exit (North)

Phone number: 03-5396-1162
Business hours: 20:00-24:00


*We cannot respond to refunds of ticket prices due to customer's convenience.
* Please refer to the following example for the holding time that straddles the day. Example: 24:00 on the 19th = 12:00 am on the 20th, 25:00 on the 19th = 1:00 am on the 20th may become. Please note.
*In the unlikely event that the snack operator deems it inappropriate, such as nuisance or remarks to other customers or staff, we may take a video or force you to leave the store. Please note.
*The number of people who can use one ticket is limited to one person. When using multiple people on the same screen, please purchase tickets for the number of people.

*Time extensions, transfers, or cancellations due to poor connectivity are not possible. Connection to "jitsi" (https://meet.jit.si/snackyokocho/test) or "whereby" (https://snack.whereby.com/test) used for the snack experience, movie, sound check in advance Thank you very much for your support. For details, please check " Frequently Asked Questions Q&A ".

Click here for information on how to use Online Snack Yokocho, including how to make reservations for Online Snack Yokocho, prices and plans, and how to enter Online Snack Yokocho.

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