[Yamaguchi Shimonoseki] If it's anime or manga, leave it to us! Nightscape, Sake and Manga Hideaway "Ikoi"

Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, where the Kanmon Strait connects Kyushu and China. Historic buildings such as Itsukushima Shrine and Sumiyoshi Shrine are also famous. Speaking of gourmet, fugu! It's an area you want to visit on your trip.

By all means, if you get local information from moms at Shimonoseki Snack "Ikoi" before you go to Shimonoseki, the fun of your trip will be doubled! Please come and visit us at the online snack "Ikoi"!


The store is filled with anime, manga, and game goods. There are many ordinary customers who think that it is a hobby room for moms and stop by to chat slowly.
what mom likes

·Grilled meat
・Hot springs and many other hobbies!

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