[Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture] Another face of Mama is that designer! Introducing Mariko's Sake Rakuba!

Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture, was one of the five open ports and was rich in Western cuisine at the time. “Tare katsudon,” which is a cutlet imported from the West dipped in a salty-sweet soy sauce and placed on rice, is a specialty dish that has been handed down to the present day.

Furumachi, the downtown area of ​​Niigata, is an old Tonomachi with an atmosphere, and is lined with first-class restaurants, Japanese-style restaurants, sushi restaurants, izakayas, clubs, bars, and other buildings. is.

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This time, we will introduce snacks that are open in Niigata.

Mariko's Sake Club

A downtown area of ​​Niigata where buildings such as first-class restaurants, Japanese cuisine, sushi restaurants, izakayas, clubs and bars are lined up in Tonomachi, which has been around since ancient times.

"Mariko's Sake Room" in Furumachi.

Mama Mariko has a variety of careers, including esthetics instructor and restaurant industry manager, before opening a shop. Another face of Mama Mariko is the designer of colorful and beautiful Hawaiian quilts! I went to Hawaii and acquired a qualification and became the first quilter in Niigata at that time, and I have been presiding over a Hawaiian quilt designer for over 20 years.

While listening to various stories about Niigata from Mama, why don't you feel like you went to Niigata and spend a bright and fun adult time together?

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