You can use it anywhere as long as you have an internet environment. Easy snack experience online

Currently, people are required to refrain from going out due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and due to the increase in telework and telecommuting, there are an increasing number of attempts to hold traditional drinking parties online while staying at home.

The biggest advantage of this online drinking party is that you can participate regardless of where you are as long as you have an internet environment . It is easy to connect because it can be held regardless of whether it is in the city center or the region, domestic or overseas.

LINE, zoom, and Takunomu are typical tools that are often used at online drinking parties. What these three have in common is that they are “free to use” and “easy to use”.

Currently, Online Snack Yokocho, where you can experience snacks online, uses a tool called “Whereby”. However, there are many people who are not very familiar with this tool. There are many voices about how to use

Therefore, I would like to briefly introduce "Whereby" this time.

Free to use anywhere with an internet connection

If you have a browser or an app, you can use it not only from a computer but also from a smartphone or tablet. (Online Snack Yokocho encourages the use of web browsers.)

Enter the store in just 3 steps

No user registration required!

Access the URL described in the email that you receive when you purchase a ticket at the store and enter your name. Finally, all you have to do is set up your microphone and camera and you are ready to enter the snack bar.

See here for details on how to use it.

Was Takunomu actually based on Whereby? !

Takunomu, a tool often used for online drinking parties, is a service developed specifically for drinking parties. Whereby, which is used in Online Snack Yokocho, is actually a web conferencing service that was the basis of Takunomu.


Online Snack Yokocho is a service where you can enjoy snacks at home without any apps or software, as long as you have an internet connection. Would you like to make a ′′ regular snack ′′ online? Not only snacks from all over Japan, but also overseas snacks are joining one after another. Why don't you take advantage of this corona opportunity?

Online Snack Yokocho is easy to use! Please refer to the usage below!
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