[New Proposal] Would you like to use an online snack for the after party?

Although the state of emergency declaration due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection has been lifted, concerns about the "second wave" have not disappeared. In order to avoid contact with people, the "remote drinking party" has become established at once. It is also called "online drinking party" or "on drinking".

Now that the style of drinking parties is changing, how about using an online snack where you can easily experience a snack online as a second party of a remote drinking party?

Drink around local snacks and overseas snacks!

Don't worry if you are not good at speaking. At online snacks, communication professionals and snack moms will liven up the conversation. In addition to snacks from all over Japan, there are also overseas shops, so you can enjoy snacks from around the world.

NY Snack Experience with Guided Tour

In particular, Aquihito , a snack bar in New York, USA, offers a mini-tour service that takes you from Times Square, which is within walking distance of the actual store, to the store. They gave me a walking tour! I was able to enjoy the morning time in New York while staying in Tokyo, and I felt like I was on a trip♪” (excerpt from NYAquihito ” customer feedback).

When you don't have enough to drink, or when you want to drink while talking with someone... Sagae, Kofu, Tokyo, Sasebo, Miyazaki, NY... wonderful moms are waiting for you to visit us.

Online Snack Yokocho is easy to use! Please refer to the usage below!
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