[Shimbashi, Tokyo] What is a golf snack that opened in a town where office workers and office workers gather?

Shimbashi, a business district with many office buildings
As many office workers and office workers gather, there are also many bars.

This time, we will introduce the snack bar “Ouchidokoro Hazuki” which moved from Yorii in Saitama to Shimbashi in Tokyo. A must-see for moms who love golf.

■ “House Hazuki” (Shinbashi)

Ouchidokoro Hazuki opened in Shimbashi with a focus on creating a space where you can have fun talking about golf.

A part-time restaurant closed due to the corona crisis, and a mom who started playing golf because she had too much free time. In Yorii Town, Saitama Prefecture, where I have no connection or connection, I opened “Ouchidokoro Hazuki” = “Golf Snack”. And in June 2022, the store will be relocated to Shimbashi!

"I've met a lot of people so far. They're all nice people, and I'm proud to say that I've had the best luck of meeting them," says the mother, who is open about anything, friendly, treats everyone the same, and is cheerful. Customer service is characteristic. Talking about golf, talking about cooking... Ouchidokoro Hazuki is perfect for those nights when you want to relax in a calm atmosphere!

Regarding his golf skills, which is important, he said, "My best score is 85 , but recently I've been suffering from a disease where I can't get out of the late 90s to 100s ." When you visit Shimbashi, why not talk about golf at a golf snack?

Take a look at "Ouchidokoro Hazuki"

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