[Miyazaki Nishitachibana-dori 2] Super popular snacks & sightseeing in Miyazaki for a great trip♪

"Snack SUN" in Miyazaki's largest entertainment district "Nishitachi"

This is a very popular store that competes for the top spot in "Online Snack Yokocho"!

The secret to its popularity is the bright atmosphere of the shop and the friendly mothers and staff♪

We have received many positive comments, such as "It was so comfortable that I lost track of time" and "I felt like a regular customer even though it was my first time."

I had to temporarily close the store due to a request to be closed, and I spent my days feeling uneasy, but I'm doing my best without losing to Corona! !

Speaking of Miyazaki, there are many attractive gourmet and sightseeing spots.

It's a good idea to take a drive along the coast with its tropical atmosphere, or enjoy the famous gourmet food. !

Come and ask mom at online snacks.

Click here for details on the introduced “Snack SUN” → https://snackyokocho.com/products/snacksun

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