[Nagasaki Sasebo ②] Customer from Hokkaido triggered by online snacks!

There is still no prospect of convergence of the new coronavirus,
Snack management continues to be in a difficult situation, but we have received very happy news for Online Snack Yokocho!

Recently, there have been reports of customers coming to the actual store as a result of the "online snack".

First-time customers tend to think that snacks are difficult to enter and that it takes courage to open that heavy door, but the “online snack” has led them to visit the actual store. So, as long as I'm really happy.

And what, what! !
It seems that people from Hokkaido came to visit "Snack Tsubaki" in Sasebo, Nagasaki!

By car, the mileage is 2500km. Awesome! ! Thank you very much for driving.

It was an event that made me realize that online snacks can expand the relationship with customers more than ever.

The good thing about online snacks is that you can go to snacks on the other side of the world anywhere in Japan.

You can feel free to experience from 30 minutes while staying at home. Please be assured that the price is reasonable.

Now, how are you doing tonight?

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