November 14th (Sunday) 21:00-"Snack Mama's Door 2nd" will be held! ※It has ended

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Sunday , November 14 , 21:00 to 22:15

Snack planned by store manager Watanabe

"Snack Mama's Door 2nd" will be held!

The concept of this event is to take a peek into the turbulent (?) life of Snack Mama.

 The second guest is Mama Akito, who opened the Japanese-style snack bar " Aquhito " in New York!
As of November 10 , 2021 , “ Aquhito ” is the only online snack alley that has joined from overseas.

Ever wondered why you decided to open a snack bar in New York? ?

Akitomama started thinking about opening a shop 20 years ago.
Born in Osaka, Akitomama realized she was gay when she was little. This is a detailed introduction to the life of Mama Akito, who moved to America while training at a gay bar and falling in love.

The event theme is "Love & Entertainment"! There are plenty of topics, from frank talk that seems to contain a beep sound to serious topics.

You can also hear behind the scenes of historical events that happened in New York.
Participants will also receive a special "souvenir" from Akitomama!

Since the microphones and cameras are turned off, this event is easy to participate in.

Tickets are on sale now!

date and time
2021/11/14 ( Sun ) 21:00 - 22:15

Admission ticket1200 yen

Ticket with mama drink 1700 yen