[Merchant] What are the advantages of online snacks?

For moms who want to join Online Snack Yokocho, but are wondering...
Received from currently participating moms

"I'm so glad I joined Onsuna !"

We will deliver the voice of

\Customer base has expanded/

An online snack that can be connected anywhere, customers are not only all over Japan, but also overseas.

Visit us online from various countries such as the United States, China, Australia, Thailand, and Belgium!
The mothers of the affiliated stores are happy that the customer base has expanded!

\The popularity of the store has increased✨

Focusing on TV, newspapers and radio
over 100 media
is taken up

\The number of customers at real stores has increased

Online customers visit about 40% of member stores!

Customers say, "If I hadn't met my mom online, I wouldn't have been able to go to the store." From Hokkaido to Nagasaki, from Ehime to Fukuoka, from Osaka to Iwate... more and more customers are going to see their mothers!

Further expansion is expected for GOTO Travel in February! Now is the perfect time to start online !

\We can open in spare time/

Although Corona has calmed down, the predicament of the restaurant continues.

With online snacks, it is possible to operate during opening hours, such as when the physical store is vacant or before or after the store is open.

There is also a function called "Moshi Moshi Mama" that allows customers and mothers to communicate directly, so you can operate in various styles according to the convenience of the store!

\ Pleased by customers all over the country/

Over 900 reviews received
Over 95% satisfied

\All you need is Wi-Fi and courage

Some moms may think, “Are all the moms at affiliated stores familiar with computers?”, but there are many moms who started online sales with almost no knowledge of computers. An online snack that can be started if you have motivation and environment. Either from the shop or from home, both are OK!

No monthly usage fees or credit card payments ! That's a nice point. If you think "I should try it" or "I want to know what I can do", please contact us!


But after all, there is good news for moms who are worried!
The manager of Online Snack Yokocho "Watanabe" will consult with you in advance. Completely free consultation!
Please apply from the dedicated site \(^O^)/

You can also ask questions on LINE. Please feel free to contact us.

Online Snack Yokocho is easy to use! Please refer to the usage below!
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