Valentine Yokocho 2022! ※It has ended

The 14th is Valentine's day!!
Online Snack Yokocho is full of events.
No problem if you don't get real chocolate! Let's go to receive the overflowing love of moms!
Today, we will thoroughly navigate how to enjoy the event. Check it out!

❤Presents from Yokocho❤

During the period, orders over 1,500 yen,
Automatically 10% OFF!

In addition, moms' own events will also be held!

\List of event venues/

store name


Event details

Amami Kurousagi

"Valentine sent by Amami's impossible crazy child "

10% OFF ⇒ special costume until 2/20 ⇒ 2/11-2/14

● All tickets 10% OFF
●During the period, a different dress every day! (Same-day reservations are also available)

top lady

"I send you love from my mom💕"


1,000 yen discount on entrance tickets for 60 minutes and 120 minutes

Bar Haru

"Southern Country"


1 free mama drink


"Mama Maiko's Jeje! Valentine"


10 minutes free extension

snack tiffany

"With love from Amami💛"


● Mom's 1 free drink

●Free 15 minute extension if your time is convenient

1,000 yen discount for bottle keeping of Amami's brown sugar shochu

Let's take a closer look at each event!

1 Amami Kurousagi , Amami City, Kagoshima Prefecture

"Valentine sent by Amami's impossible crazy child"

The most unique mom in online snack alley? ! Now you can go to meet the king of trivia Mama for a bargain.
During the privilege period, you can wear a different dress every day (reservations on the day are also supported) & 10% off all tickets with purchase within the period!

See more about AmamiKurousagi

2 Top Lady of Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture

"I send you love from my mom💕"

For you who want to spend a moist and mature night.
Mama, who is also a counselor, gives us various consultations.
1,000 yen OFF for entrance tickets when purchased during the special period!!

See more about Top Lady

3 Indonesia Bali Bar Haru

"Valentine in the Southern Country"

From cold Japan to Bali online! Pleasant mom and the staff welcome you. A shop that makes you feel like traveling abroad.
Benefits Mama's drink is free!

See more about Bar Haru

4 Rise , Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture

"Mama Maiko's Jeje! Valentine"

A mother with a gentle Iwate dialect who loves horse racing and Koshien. It is a shop where you can enjoy various ways.
Free 10 minute extension during the special offer period!

Learn more about Rise

5 Amami City, Kagoshima Prefecture
snack tiffany

"With love from Amami💛"

A friendly mother with an island accent will relax and heal you in a calm atmosphere!
Benefits Mama's 1 free drink ・Free 15 minute extension if customer's time is convenient ・1,000 yen discount for bottle keeping of Amami's brown sugar shochu!

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Many stores are open during Valentine's Day, so it's hard to decide where to go! Have fun with Snack Mama while staying at home.

At Online Snack Yokocho, events are held irregularly!

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As long as you have a Wi-Fi environment, your room will be transformed into a snack!
This week's event-filled online snack alley, which snack will you choose?

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