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“Odawara”, the central city in the western region of Kanagawa Prefecture, developed as a 'castle town' under the Hojo clan during the Warring States period. In the Edo period, it thrived as one of the leading 'post towns' along the Tokaido highway. During the Meiji era, it became a beloved destination for politicians, business figures, and cultural elites, serving as a place for villas and residences. Here is near Hakone.


How to get there

Odawara, with convenient transportation options such as the Shinkansen from Tokyo Station( for 30min) and the Odakyu Romancecar from Shinjuku Station( for about 70min).

From Shinjuku Station: Take the Odakyu Line Travel time: About 1hour and half.
From Tokyo Station:  Take the JR Line Travel time: About 1hour and 20 minutes.

To Hakone Yumoto: Take the Hakone Tozan line Travel time: 15 minutes.

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・Odawara Castle
Kamaboko Street~MIYUKI BEACH
・Minaka Shopping 
・Oshare Yokocho
・Welcome to our tour

◆Odawara Castle

Odawara Castle, symbolized as the impregnable fortress of Odawara, renowned for its invincibility.Odawara Castle is selected as one of 'Japan's Top 100 Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots.

Every year from May 3rd to 5th, the Hojo Godai Festival takes place in Odawara. The festival includes the Odawara Lantern Festival and Oden (Japanese hot pot) Festival, both local specialties.

Kamaboko Street~MIYUKI BEACH

 In Odawara, you can freely explore the unique flavors and textures of kamaboko from 12 shops, along with other establishments, including dried fish vendors, bonito flakes shops, traditional Japanese restaurants, eateries, and wagashi stores.

"MIYUKI BEACH" offers picturesque views, overlooking the Izu Peninsula, Miura Peninsula, and Boso Peninsula. It's a perfect place for seaside strolls and enjoying the coastal scenery. Here is also good instagrammable place. 


◆Minaka Shopping

"Minaka" is designed with the hope that it will be loved as a lively and bustling hub in future Odawara, where many people gather and interact.At Minaka Odawara, diverse shops, primarily focused on food and dining, unfold in the 'Odawara Shinshijo Machi,' radiating the nostalgic ambiance of the Edo period.


Soak your feet in Hakone Yumoto's natural hot spring and enjoy a panoramic view similar to Odawara Castle's main keep observation deck for free.

◆Oshare Yokocho

・The brick path in front of Odawara Station and the stylish alley with a hidden retro Showa-era vibe make for a fashionable and charming spot.

 ・"Gundam and MF Ghost-themed manhole covers"

If you're an anime fan, it can be interesting to explore various hidden local manhole covers that feature anime themes.


・ "Shiawasenosuzu"

Taking a bell from a shop in the shopping district, making a wish, and returning the bell to a cemetery if the wish comes true.


 ・Kushiyaki and Drinking

"Kushiyaki" is Japanese skewered and grilled food, including meat, vegetables, or seafood. There are lots of drinking places around here.

◆Enjoy Japanese pub crawl in Odawara with us◆

We take you to Japanese local night life. Snack is Japanese local pubs."Yokocho" is "alley" or "shopping lane". It’s located in retro street. You can feel Japan life with us. Let's enjoy Japanese night!!

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We introduce Uncharted Spot around Tokyo on Instagram!!



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